Five-legged Lamb Born In Wales Is The Picture Of Creepy Cuteness [VIDEO]

Can something be cute and creepy at the same time? Sure, you just take a newborn lamb and add an extra limb. Luckily for all of us, a five-legged version does exist – one was just born in Wales, the BBC reported.

His name is Jake, and he came into the world Thursday at the family-run Rhiwlas Farm near Lake Vyrnwy, Powys (proving that the Welsh need to get some vowels). A video of the five-legged animal taking its first steps went viral on YouTube.

In the video, Jake wanders around his pen – confused as all newborns are. His standard four legs get him around just fine, though the fifth one dangles from his chest a bit unpleasantly. At the end of the video, he lays down in the corner for a rest, fifth laying comfortably in front of him.

According to farmer Bethan Davies, Jake is perfectly healthy.

“He seems really happy, he’s feeding well and bouncing around like a normal lamb. He is doing really well. We have never had anything like this before, apparently it’s really rare.”

Indeed it is – the Telegraph gave an account of multi-limbed farm animals. In 2005, a lamb named J.D. was born in Iowa; his extra limb grew from his shoulder and its owners chose not to have it removed to avoid the high cost of surgery.

In 2013, another five-legged lamb was born in the UK, and this one – named Quinto – had her extra leg removed. Her babies, Susie and Sophie, had the normal number.

But then there’s the story of one in China, whose life was almost cut short because of its deformity. Farmer Sheepish Cui decided to honor the animal’s strong will and let it live; she now keeps it as a pet.

[Photo Courtesy YouTube Screengrab]