Australian Man Tries To Kill Spider, Releases Hundreds Of Baby Spiders Instead [Video]

An Australian man tried to kill a spider, but released hundreds of baby spiders instead.

Danny Ford, from Hallett Cove in South Australia, was walking through his kitchen when he saw a very large wolf spider sitting on the floor.

Not being very keen on having a spider in his house, Danny grabbed a broom and proceeded to hit the spider. Epic fail! Rather than killing the spider, Danny successfully released hundreds of tiny baby spiders in his kitchen.

The video, which has been uploaded to YouTube and viewed more than 2.5 million times, shows the little critters scattering about as Danny exclaimed, “Oh, there are babies coming out of it.”

“Look at them! Jesus, look at the babies!” Danny said as he attempted to sweep up the mess of spiders.

Here is some brief info about wolf spiders from

“The wolf spider measures from one half inch to two inches long.”

  • “They have orange-brown to grey hair and black camouflage coloring, that can include spots or stripes of color.
  • They have eight eyes that are arranged in three rows of three different sizes.
  • It has eight legs, plus two more that stick out in the front.
  • They are found anywhere that insects are found.
  • They are likely to be found on the ground in open areas, such as farm fields and grassy areas or harboring in ground tunnels, between firewood, under leaf litter or other ground clutter.
  • Inside the house, they are likely to be found around doors, windows, house plants, basements, and garages.”

[Photo via Shutterstock]