Denver Police Use Twitter To Send A Supportive Message To Marijuana Users At The 4/20 Rally

Denver Police did something completely unexpected from a law enforcement department on Sunday evening. They sent out a message of tolerance for marijuana use on their Twitter page, while talking about the 4/20 festivities that were taking place in the city over the weekend. It makes the Denver Police quite possibly the coolest law enforcement agency of all time.

According to the Huffington Post, the tweet was sent out on the last day of a two-day 4/20 rally that was held at Denver’s Civic Center Park. The tweet was in part a play on the lyrics from Chamillionaire’s 2007 hit song ‘Ridin.’

“We see you rollin, but we ain’t hatin’….HAHA….Seriously though, #Denver, please remember to #ConsumeResponsibily this 4/20 weekend”

In 2012, Colorado became the first state to legalize recreational marijuana use in the United States. The police departments tweet showed exactly how laid back Colorado has become in the war on drugs. The Huffington Post sent a response tweet to the Denver Police asking them about the song that was referenced, and their response was hilarious. They simply responded with #PoliceLikeToJamToo.

Even though recreational use is legal, public consumption of marijuana is still illegal, which makes things kind of dicey on 4/20, when the users will be out in full force. Approximately 125,000 people attended the rally over the weekend, and the police issued very few citations considering how many people were probably using in public. It seems that they may have reserved their citations for the people who were being the most egregious in their breaking of the law.

FOX 31 Denver reports that the Denver Police Department reported that they issued citations or arrested a total of 196 people on marijuana related charges from Saturday morning to Monday. About 160 of those citations were for public marijuana use, which is a considerably small number in comparison to the amount of people who attended the event.

The Denver Police continued to tweet friendly reminders to the event attendees, reminding them about the public consumption laws, asking them to consume responsibly, make safety a priority, and even including that officers would prefer not to be a buzzkill during the rally.

Monday was the holiday that stoners around the world refer to as 4/20, 4:20, or 420. The holiday is generally celebrated by pot smokers consuming large amounts of marijuana at various events or privately with friends. The Inquisitr previously reported that even the hit television show Family Guy got into the 4/20 mood by celebrating with the ‘Bag of Weed’ song.

No one knows for sure where the term 420 comes from, but there are several theories and myths about how the famous numbers came to be associated with marijuana use. However, it has become difficult to prove that any of them are actually true. Contrary to what many pot smokers believe, 420 is not the police code in California or any other state, for marijuana possession or smoking in progress. It is also not the number of chemical components in marijuana, or the number of the bill that was proposed in congress to legalize use of the popular drug.

Even though the Denver Police Department seemed to handle things in a very laid-back fashion during the 4/20 festivities, there was still a new city-wide ordinance in effect that puts a moratorium on three-day events, so the organizers of the rally were limited to just celebrating all things marijuana for the weekend.

[Photo courtesy of NBC 9 News Colorado]