‘The Evil Within’ DLC ‘The Consequences’ Launches Complete With New Screen Shots

The Evil Within has a new piece of DLC that launched today. This new Evil Within content is titled “The Consequences” and continues the story of Juli Kidman. For those who aren’t up on your The Evil Within lore, Juli Kidman is the enigmatic partner of the main game’s protagonist, Sebastian Castellanos.

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In the original The Evil Within game, Juli is often mentioned but not much is seen of her. The first DLC, as well as this new pack are set to run concurrently with The Evil Within‘s main story and are also made to flesh out Juli’s character. As you find out a little bit more about Juli, you will also get to see a bit more of her ties to Mobius.

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Mobius is the group that is thought to be behind the events of The Evil Within though it’s not really made clear how they are tied to those events, nor what Juli has to do with the group. Bethesda isn’t going to put out anything tied to The Evil Within without also making sure that along the way you get to encounter disturbing new enemies, discover new mysteries, and uncover new horrors.


It appears that players will even get to directly take on the Mobius organization and find out more about the STEM system. This might go a long way towards helping players start to understand just what happened in the original goings on in the game. It’s interesting to note that all of the DLC so far has centered on a completely different character, instead of showing more story with the original protagonist. One has to wonder whether Bethesda decided Sebastian was part of the problem for the game struggling a little bit to catch on.


The Evil Within has a season pass for all of its DLC that runs for $19.99 or you can buy The Consequences separate and on its own for $9.99. At the moment, it isn’t clear just how many more pieces of DLC are coming, though when talking about a season pass like this, it’s customary to offer somewhere in the neighborhood of four new packs.


While the game was much hyped when it was being promoted, it landed with a bit of a thud when it finally released. Some of that lack of excitement stems from delayed release dates but reviews for The Evil Within haven’t been particularly glowing either.

[Images Courtesy Bethesda]