‘Scream Queens’ Details: Oliver Hudson Says Show Will Be Like ‘Clue’

Scream Queens is hoping to shock network TV viewers by being a very violent whodunit full of twists and turns.

Actor Oliver Hudson recently talked to the Hollywood Reporter about his Scream Queens role, and he revealed that the kids aren’t the only ones who aren’t alright — Hudson said that he’ll play a father harboring a lot of dark secrets.

“There is an intensity about him that will ultimately come out and there’s a mystery around this person.”

Oliver Hudson plays a dad with dark secrets in 'Scream Queens'

Viewers are slowly starting to get a better understanding of what kind of TV series Scream Queens is going to be. The upcoming FOX show is a horror comedy from the twisted minds of American Horror Story creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, as well as Glee co-creator Ian Brennan. It’s set on a college campus, and viewers will likely see buckets of blood being splashed all over their TV screens as the school is rocked by a series of murders.

The show’s cast includes a long list of popular young stars, including Glee graduate Lea Michele. During an interview with USA Today, Lea compared Scream Queens to a four very different movies: Evil Dead, Heathers, Mean Girls, and Scream. Based on the teasers and the info that has been released so far, the series definitely seems closest in spirit to Heathers and Scream — the killings take place at a school, and viewers won’t immediately know who is responsible for them. They’ll have to wait until the end of the series to discover the identity of the series’ serial killer (or serial killers, perhaps?).

“There’s a mystery around all of these characters,” Oliver Hudson revealed. “You don’t know who’s who, who’s real, who’s not, who’s being honest and who has motive and it’s really exciting. It’s like Clue.”

Even though Scream Queens is airing on network TV, Hudson made it sound like Ryan Murphy is pushing to make it just as gruesome and gory as American Horror Story.

“I read it and was curious as to how Fox was going to allow some of the stuff on because it was very much pushing the envelope of what is acceptable network television, which I love, and that’s like standard Ryan.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Ryan Murphy revealed that the Scream Queens body count will be connected to “the world’s meanest sorority.” Emma Roberts is playing a member of the sorority named Chanel Oberlin, and her character comes off as being a bit like Regina George — if Regina George had a knife fetish.

During an interview with ETonline, Murphy talked about the character that will be played by legendary scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis.

“Jamie Lee Curtis, who I’ve long really wanted to work with and I kind of wrote this series for, to be honest… she steps in and with the girls tries to figure out who’s doing this — and it’s actually tied to an incident that happened 20 years ago at the college.”

The cast also includes Ariana Grande, Nick Jonas, Abigail Breslin, and Keke Palmer. Little is known about most of the series’ characters, but Lea Michele has dropped a few tantalizing teasers about her role. According to Lea, her character lacks the passion for pink fashion that Emma Roberts’ psycho sorority Barbie seems to possess.

“My character is out-of-control crazy, insane and hilarious, and it’s been so fun to play… Not wearing basically any makeup, not doing my hair and she has a lot of unique qualities that you’ll see.”

Ryan Murphy shared the photo of Lea Michele’s character below.

As you can see, she’s wearing a colorful windbreaker that appears to be a couple of decades old. She’s either attending a ’90s-themed sorority bash or her character is clueless about modern fashion. Sugarscape shared a behind-the-scenes photo that shows Lea’s character dressed more like Chanel Olberin, so perhaps she gets a Jawbreaker-style makeover at some point.

Scream Queens will premiere this September on FOX. Are you looking forward to playing Ryan Murphy’s twisted version of Clue?

[Image credits: FOX, Marc Andrew Deley/Getty]