Dallas Cowboys Rumors: New Report Names Six Teams Wanting To Trade For Adrian Peterson

The trade rumors for running back Adrian Peterson are heating up, and in a huge way now that he has been reinstated by the NFL. Not only are the Dallas Cowboys continuing to be included in rumors of acquiring him from the Minnesota Vikings, but a new report has come out that lists five other teams as well.

According to Twin Cities, there are a total of six teams in the mix to trade for Adrian Peterson, per a source. Those teams listed are Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons, Dallas Cowboys, Jacksonville Jaguars, San Diego Chargers, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The source has even said that there is not an infinite window for the trade.

“If he’s not traded next week, they’re going to keep him.”

Oddly enough, the source does not mention that the Oakland Raiders are in the mix for trading for Adrian Peterson. Another report said as much last week, but this one counters it.

The source went on to say that the ideal time for the Vikings to trade Peterson will be during the 2015 NFL Draft from April 30–May 2. It would also be possible for Minnesota to entice a team more once running backs Todd Gurley and Melvin Gordon are off the board.

With this report, the rumors are really starting to swirl and Peterson’s agent Ben Dogra has helped heat them up. On Monday night, Dogra posted a picture on his Facebook that had him sitting with a Peterson jersey behind him, a Buccaneers’ hat on, and the caption of “Game on!”

buccaneers cowboys trade adrian peterson

Now, this may have just been Dogra trolling fans or perhaps he was representing both Peterson and another of his clients, Gerald McCoy of the Buccaneers. Still, he helped add fuel to the trade fire.

The Dallas Cowboys are the one main team that have not left the rumors of trading for Adrian Peterson since they started months ago. Arizona has been in and out of them. The Raiders came and went. Now, four more teams have unofficially thrown their hats into the ring.

Reportedly, the Minnesota Vikings will want a first-round draft pick and a secure starter (possibly a cornerback) in a trade for Adrian Peterson. That’s on top of any team trading for him, having to pick up his $13 million salary for 2015.

If Adrian Peterson ends up on the trading block, there is a very good chance that someone will make a run for him. The Dallas Cowboys continue to be rumored to want to go after him, but they will have a lot of competition now — if the Vikings even end up wanting to part with him.

[Image via Vibe/Facebook]