Jake Being Dead On 'Scandal' Opens Scott Foley For New Shonda Rhimes Project

Is Jake dead on Scandal? That is what everyone has been talking about since Scandal aired its last episode on Thursday night. Fans were shocked by the death of one of Olivia Pope's loves. Scott Foley even posted a tweet that some fans are now busy dissecting to see if he is still working on the show or not.

Fans do have hope. Some spoilery photos for an upcoming Scandal episode shared by Hypable do have Jake alive and well. He is recovering in bed with Olivia Pope taking care of him in one of the photos.

The photos popped up on the ABC media site after the last episode, but they were pulled from the site once they started making the rounds on the Internet. The photos gave fans hope that Jake Ballard survived the stabbing by Olivia's new lover, Russell. Of course, she would say Russell was dating Alex, her alter ego.

Russell has been working Papa Pope all along, but Olivia had no idea. That will be discovered before the end of the season though. A preview for the next episode shared by Fashion &Style shows Huck stabbing Russell in the neck with something.

Jake Ballard joined Scandal during Season 2, and this is not the first time Shonda Rhimes has killed him off on the small screen. Foley had a role on Grey's Anatomy that ended with his character dying on the operating table. His death caused some major turmoil on that show, too.

However, Jake's death on Scandal has caused much more uproar. Fans caused Scandal to trend for three hours worldwide on Thursday night. Everyone was talking about Jake's death.

Scott Foley sent his tweet during this fan madness. However, a phrase has people thinking that Jake Ballard is indeed alive. Scott said "it's such an honor" and not "it was" an honor. The photos also give fans a big clue that he is alive. ABC even realized their error and quickly yanked the photos.If Jake is dead, this would open up Scott Foley for new projects. According to the Spread It, Scott Foley already has that project lined up. Back in October, news was released that Scott Foley was joining forces with Greg Grunberg and Shonda Rhimes for a new comedy series. The source described the series.
"The untitled comedy revolves around engaged couple Max and Paige who, over their wedding rehearsal dinner, have their eclectic family and friends give toasts recalling anecdotes about the couple — but flashbacks reveal that the toasts don't always get it right, as we watch the true story of their complicated, funny and relatable road to marriage."
Fans of the actor do have hope of seeing him on the small screen again if Jake Ballard is dead, but fans are still mourning the potential loss of Jake on social media today. Some are just seeing the Scandal episode that has been the subject of conversation for days now.The death of Victoria Grayson on ABC did not even earn such shock after Revenge aired on Sunday night. What do you think? Is Jake alive? Scandal airs on Thursday nights on ABC.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]