Meadow, Paul Walker’s Daughter, Shares Another Adorable Pic

Meadow Walker, the daughter of actor Paul Walker, released another adorable picture of the two of them together on Monday.

The father-daughter picture, which was posted on Meadow’s official Instagram profile, shows a very young Meadow Walker smiling while possibly sitting on the lap of a smiling Paul Walker.

Paul Walker

In a December 2014 interview, Paul Walker, Sr. marked the one-year anniversary of his son’s tragic death with an update on how his granddaughter was holding up.

“She’s doing—I hear from the grapevine—very good in school. She’s keeping busy… I think she’s just a little bit shy around me, grandpa. I think time is on my side and things will get better.”

Over the course of the past year, Meadow Walker has been using her Instagram page to occasionally pay tribute to her father.

In September 2014, Meadow posted a heartwarming picture of herself as a baby being held by Paul Walker as they stared into each other’s eyes. Meadow posted the picture to celebrate her father’s 41st birthday.

Paul Walker

A couple of months later, in November, Meadow posted another adorable baby picture when she was being held by the smiling Fast and Furious actor. In the caption, Meadow simply said “I love you.”

Paul Walker

Meadow apparently has a lot of love and respect for Paul Walker’s “extended” family – his fellow cast members from the blockbuster Fast and Furious movie franchise.

Earlier this month, days after the successful U.S. release of Furious 7, Meadow posted an Instagram picture of herself with Vin Diesel and Elsa Pataky.

Meadow is not the only person that has paid tribute to Paul Walker since his tragic death in November 2013. A vast number of fans, critics and celebrities have shared their condolences and shown respect to Paul with tweets, Facebook posts and heartfelt statements – including his Furious 7 cast mates.

His final movie, Furious 7, was basically developed as a beautiful tribute to Paul Walker as well – especially the tearjerker ending with a CGI version of the actor taking his final drive.

Even though Paul Walker mostly kept his daughter out of the spotlight during their time together, Paul did not hesitate to talk about her. In a 2003 interview with CosmoGirl, Paul reportedly spoke about his 5-year-old daughter and why their camping trips together were so important to him.

“It’s important to me that she experiences those things and grows while doing all that. I think sometimes it may be overwhelming for her because of who her daddy is and what he does. I hope it never gets to a [bad] level, but there’s a chance it will, and I just know that the only way to offset that would be to make the outdoors a key part of her life.”

Perhaps the number of outdoor pictures posted on Meadow’s Instagram are just another way of showing respect for her father’s wishes.

Paul Walker died on November 30, 2013 in a high-speed, single car accident alongside his close friend, Roger Rodas.

[Image Credit: Meadow Walker Instagram & Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images]