Saint Louis City Hall Evacuated As Suspicious Packages Found In The Area

At least three “suspicious packages” have been found at entrances to Saint Louis’ City Hall; officials have ordered the building evacuated in response, The Saint Louis Post-Dispatch is reporting.

The first suspicious package – an oxygen cylinder with wires coming out of it – was found at about 7:38 a.m., when very few employees were inside the building. Since that time, two other packages, another cylinder, and a bag have been found, and the building has been evacuated.

Today was to be the day that Saint Louis’ newly-elected aldermen were sworn in, however, due to the evacuation order, a judge will instead conduct a brief swearing-in ceremony in a nearby park, al fresco.

City of St. Louis’ Director of Communications, Maggie Crane, tells KMOV (Saint Louis) that no specific threats have been made against Saint Louis City Hall.

The suspicious packages at Saint Louis’ city hall have turned up within two days of the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing; however, as of this post, there is no clear motive behind the suspicious packages.

Because City Hall is “covered with cameras,” according to the Post-Dispatch, Crane believes that whoever left the suspicious packages will be caught soon based on video evidence.

Saint Louis police have blocked off streets surrounding City Hall, and the city’s bomb squad is at the scene.

UPDATE: One of the suspicious packages found at Saint Louis City Hall has been detonated by the city’s bomb unit. The other two remain un-detonated, as of this post.

This is a breaking news story. More information about the suspicious packages at Saint Louis’ City Hall will be provided as it becomes available.

[Image courtesy of: Shutterstock/picsbyst]