WWE News: Big Update On WWE Banning Seth Rollins’ Curb Stomp Finishing Move

As we all shockingly heard Monday afternoon, WWE decided to ban Seth Rollins’ finishing move known as the curb stomp. The move had other names as well such as The Blackout or The Piece of Mind. However, the simplistic term of the curb stomp was the one that really stuck and fans seemed to dig the move as much as any in WWE today. So why would WWE ban the move?

The move was said to have been removed due to safety reasons. WWE feels that there is more than can go wrong with such a move than good. Like moves before it, there was simply a case of changing the move to help save themselves from issues down the line with talent.

However, contrary to this….WWE has not “banned” the move. Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer reports that WWE using a new move for Rollins is considered a “semantic situation.” He claimed that WWE does not want to draw attention to the fact that the the curb stomp is no longer being used, but it is not banned.

It might go under the same category as the piledriver for instance, where WWE wants to keep moves like this out of normal matches. However, unlike the curb stomp, the piledriver has cost people their careers as well as numerous injuries. So obviously WWE would want to ban such a move from regular competition. Despite this, WWE has allowed the move to be used by certain talent at certain times. So if WWE has not banned even the piledriver fully, Rollins’ curb stomp easily could be used at some point in the future.

WWE simply does not want to draw attention to it not being used. However, fans will know something is up. Especially since Rollins has been using the move for most of his WWE career in every match he was in seemingly. Last night on WWE RAW, Rollins used Front-Face DDT of sorts that was unique, but not nearly a type of move that could be considered a finisher. Fans were disappointed such a move replaced the curb stomp when moves seemingly more devastating were considered “set-ups” for other talent

While it is uncertain what move Rollins will decide to go with on the regular to win matches, WWE just doesn’t want it to be the curb stomp for Rollins. As said above though, if WWE will allow the piledriver to be used off and on still, Rollins’ curb stomp will never truly go away. It is a fun move that is used in Japan often with far more danger, so at least in Rollins’ case he has attempted to make the move safe. However, such a move may never be truly safe, hence the reason WWE doesn’t want Rollins using it.

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