Lucy And Anna: World’s ‘Most Identical Twins’ Share Everything — Even A Boyfriend

Lucy and Anna DeCinque, 28-year-old sisters born a minute apart, are the world’s “most identical twins.”

The two DeCinque sisters were recently granted the title after competing in Japan against another set of identical twins in a show that involved the sets of twins playing various pranks on the public. When even a computer failed to tell the difference between the two sisters, they were crowned the “world’s most identical twins.”

Hailing from Perth, Australia, the twins are no strangers to headlines. The DeCinque sisters stormed the media after spending an estimated $240,000 on the same plastic surgeries — including matching breast augmentations — in order to further ensure that they look exactly alike. And global curiosity piqued even further when it was learned that the two shared everything — including their bed and their boyfriend.

And instead of causing problems, the twins insist that sharing a single boyfriend actually makes their lives less complicated.

“We’ve had separate boyfriends in the past and it hasn’t worked, but now it’s much easier and its great. We’re with each other 24/7, me and my sister; it’s just easier to share a boyfriend because we’re always together.”

Their boyfriend is 31-year-old Ben Byrne, who has been dubbed “the chosen one” by the sisters, and he happens to be a twin himself. He admits that being the boyfriend of both sisters took some adjustment, but the DeCinque sisters don’t think the fact that they share a bed and a boyfriend is strange, Lucy explained.

“It’s not really weird to us. We have one boyfriend and all three of us share the same bed. For guys, in their hearts and dreams, they want two girlfriends. We have the same taste in everything, so obviously we’re going to like the same boy too. We’re all together when we have sex, and if we like the same guy, so be it. Every date had to be a double date. It’s always double or nothing.”

But it seems as though being a twin is twice the work, as the two have a strict regime they follow in order to maintain their virtually identical appearances. Lucy and Anna, who claim to never be more than a few feet apart from one another, spend the majority of the money they earn working at a retirement home on maintaining their appearances, including weekly infra-red sauna trips and skin peels.

In addition to that, the two eat exactly the same foods in the exact same amount, so that their bodies remain identical as well.

"'When she gets full, I'm full as well. When she stops eating, I'll stop eating. We want our bodies to look the same; we want to weigh the same."

The two still live at home with their mother, sharing the same job, the same salary, the same beauty regime, the same food, the same bed, and, of course, the same boyfriend. And the DeCinque twins don’t see any reason why they should change, even though they say they have been warned that their extreme closeness could lead to major problems in the future.

“We argue every day, but over little things. It’s natural… but we get over it. We’re best friends so we never want to lose each other.”

In closing, Lucy said, “We can’t imagine a day when we’re not in each others’ company. And, to be honest, I don’t think that would ever happen.”

What do you think? Is the extreme closeness and need to be completely identical in all ways potentially problematic for the DeCinque twins? Or is their incredibly close relationship — so close that they claim to actually feel each other’s physical pain — enviable?

[Images via Facebook]