‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Brady Finds Kristen, John Wants Relationship With Paul

Days of Our Lives fans are about to get the showdown they’ve been waiting for. Brady Black will finally find Kristen DiMera after months of Kristen lying, scheming, and manipulating to not only steal Brady’s baby, whose mother is Theresa Donovan, but also keep that child, whom she has named Christopher, under wraps.

However, thanks to Melanie’s keen detective work, (maybe someone should give her a job at the Salem P.D.) Brady believed in the chance that Kristen could have stolen he and Theresa’s child and went off to find her. This week they’ll finally come face to face and it should be very interesting to see how it all plays out.

According to We Love Soaps, Brady will find Kristen, but it may be a little more time before he discovers that she really does have his child, and when he finds that out, he’ll obviously do everything he can to get that baby back and take him home to Salem to be raised by his father. However, due to Theresa Donovan’s unstable life and wild party girl ways, will Brady tell his former girlfriend that Christopher is also her child or try to keep the baby from her?

It seems that ever since, Days of Our Lives fans have seen Theresa becoming very emotional about the fact that she didn’t have Brady’s baby and that raising a child could really change her life for the better. Perhaps Miss Donovan would settle down and get her life in order in hopes of raising Christopher in a stable environment, and since we all know that Melanie Jonas is leaving Salem very soon, there could very well be a rekindling romance between Theresa and Brady in the near future.

According to the International Business Times, Brady’s father will also be busy with his own paternity drama. John Black will feel guilty about how he treated his new found son, Paul Norita, and fly out to San Francisco to try and make amends with him. The two will likely bond over a number of things including baseball and their pasts.

Hope and Aiden will also realize that their romance is harder than they thought it would be due to their jobs as a lawyer and police officer. Will then end up on opposite sides of a case?

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kristen isn’t the only one hiding secrets in Salem. Adrienne has been struggling with her affair with Lucas, Eve and JJ are still trying to hide their indiscretions, and Ben isn’t telling Abigail everything about his past.

What are your thoughts on the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers?

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