Robert Herjavec On Almost Getting Booted From DWTS: ‘It Burns Every Fiber Of My Body’

Week after week, Shark Tank tycoon Robert Herjavec and pro dancing partner Kym Johnson have delivered magnificent and romantic performances on Dancing With the Stars. However, last Monday, the couple received their lowest scores of the season, and Herjavec is more motivated than ever to secure their spot on the show.

Receiving a total score of 24, Herjavec and Johnson crashed to the bottom of the leaderboard and faced risks of getting booted from the show. In that moment of jeopardy, Herjavec expressed that he doesn’t want to leave yet, saying that DWTS has strengthened his relationship with his dancing partner.

“I don’t want us (referring to him and Johnson) to go home yet – I’m not ready. It’s (DWTS) made our connection even stronger. We’ve come together, and we’re really going to get through this … I can’t imagine doing this with anybody else.”

In an exclusive video by E! Herjavec also talked about how he loathes failure. The Shark Tank star expressed his feelings about losing.

“I hate freaking losing. I hate being at the bottom. Like it burns every fiber of my body.”

Aside from being more motivated than ever, getting low scores apparently has also made a positive impact on the two’s connection with each other. Although it is unclear what kind of “connection” the two actually share, Johnson claims that being at the bottom also has some advantages.

“I didn’t know how getting these low scores would affect Robert, but I feel like it’s even made our connection stronger,” Johnson said.

During Monday night’s show, Johnson also related that it has “been a real privilege” for her to get to know Herjavec.

Herjavec joined the cast of DWTS after a tragic divorce from his wife of 24 years. Before joining the show, the star hit rock bottom and even struggled with thoughts of suicide. Nonetheless, DWTS breathed some fresh air into Herjavec’s life in the form of his dancing partner, Johnson. Although the two claim that they are just “great friends,” they have been spotted being romantic with each other in several occasions.

They also talk highly and sweetly of each other as if they are indeed a romantic couple. Herjavec openly told E! that he thinks Johnson is “beautiful.” On the other hand, his partner also couldn’t stop gushing about him. She also confessed that Herjavec “has blown her mind.”

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