Arachnophobic Nightmare: Watch As Spider Explodes With Babies When Hit With A Broom

Generally everyone has pretty much the same reaction when encountering a large spider in their home – bash the darn thing to death. However, this video, released on LiveLeak, shows us that we should think twice before taking such drastic measures as this spider explodes into hundreds of babies.

The video above is definitely proof that, whether suffering from arachnophobia or not, anyone seeing an eight-legged intruder should think before grabbing the nearest broom or other weapon.

Apparently the intruder in question is a wolf spider and the location is Hallett Cove in South Australia. It seems that the female of this particular species carries its egg sacs around on its back for a few days prior to hatching the teeny tots.

The Guardian notes that the wolf spider apparently keeps the egg sacs on their spinnerets where the youngsters then crawl onto her abdomen for safety. Reportedly this is one of very few cases of maternal protection in the world of arachnids, but unfortunately as she was killed, this protection instantly fell away causing the youngsters to run for their lives.

Apparently the spider attacker originally filmed what was happening to prove to his arachnophobic wife that the spider had been dealt with properly, but is naturally shocked as the spider explodes into hundreds more spiders, only making matters worse.

It seems the man definitely picked the wrong time to attack her as this caused the baby spiders to immediately emerge from mother’s body, spreading instantly across the floor.

After the mother spider explodes, we see the man trying desperately to sweep all the tiny spiders into a pile, as they keep escaping and running around, while continuing to bash poor mother.

It was probably a better idea to ignore mommy dearest, as apparently this type of spider will bite when threatened. Apparently their venom is not particularly harmful to humans and would merely leave some redness and swelling.

When it comes to the eight-legged variety, however, most people simply prefer to eliminate the threat! Seeing the face in the close up image below certainly gives a reason to do so.

Spider explodes

According to the Mirror Online, the video showing the moment the mother spider explodes was uploaded on Monday to the viral video website LiveLeak by the spider’s attacker and is currently going viral, having received almost 180,000 views at the time of writing.

The Mirror ran a poll asking people if they are afraid of spiders, and the answer “Yes – and this clip has just made everything worse” has so far received 76 percent of the votes, including that of the writer.

In other odd viral video news, the Inquisitr recently reported on the video showing a Paris Metro train speeding down a tunnel between two stations with the doors wide open and all the passengers relaxed and unconcerned. It might have gone differently, however, if someone had found a monster spider on board, hitting it until the spider explodes with babies.

[Image: Wolf Spider with young on back (and terrifying expression) CC BY-NC 2.0 stevenw12339]