Willie Nelson Pot Brand Announced On 4/20 Day

To anyone who is up on current drug culture references, April 20 is a date synonymous with drug use. On this day, many people gather to celebrate their love of pot — and Willie Nelson is no exception. He chose this day specifically to announce the name of his pot brand, Willie’s Reserve, and his new marijuana business. The Nelson pot brand will be coming to shelves in the marijuana-friendly states of Colorado and Washington some time soon.

Willie Nelson has been a long time pot advocate; his earliest marijuana related arrest being in 1974 and most current in 2010. With the implementation of the Nelson pot brand and the beginning of marijuana decriminalization, Willie has claimed to have “a life’s work realized.”

Oregon, Alaska, and the District of Columbia have also removed legal restrictions on marijuana, so potentially the Nelson pot brand will be able to expand into these states. Alongside these, other states will be voting on the decriminalization of marijuana next year.

Willie Nelson has been a long time member of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). Although a long time advocate of pot use, he is new to the legal marijuana market. He will join a growing list of celebrities who endorse the product. Already, Snoop Dogg endorses pot vapor products, Melissa Etheridge has begun developing marijuana-infused wine, and self-help guru Bethenny Frankel is devoted to developing a strain of pot that will reduce the munchies. She is calling this strain Skinnygirl. Added to this list is rapper Waka Flocka Flame, who announced on 4/20 he would be running for president.

Nelson has avowed to Rolling Stone magazine he will make Willie’s Reserve the best he possibly can.

“I will make sure it’s good or it won’t be on sale. There should be a menu just like in a restaurant because there’s so many different kinds of pot that do many different things. It’s a good idea to have everything labeled for what it does, what it don’t do [and] how powerful it is.”

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Nelson’s pot brand, Willie’s Reserve, is not yet available for sale, but fans can pre-order T-shirts with the brand on it for $40.

While the announcement of Willie Nelson’s pot brand was released via his publicist, Nelson was not available for comment on Monday.

You can check out Willie Nelson’s latest pot-related song “It’s All Going to Pot” recorded alongside Merle Haggard below.

[Image credit: The Daily Beast]