Bryan Price Rant Audio: Cincinnati Reds Manager Goes On Epic Tirade Against Reporter, Drops 77 F-Bombs

Bryan Price just unleashed a rant for the ages, with audio circulating of the Cincinnati Reds manager lashing out at a reporter in a foul-mouthed tirade that included 77 F-bombs.

The frustration has been building for Price and the Reds, who have stumbled out of the gate this season. The team has dropped seven of its last eight games, including four straight losses, and apparently Price was getting tired of fielding questions about the team’s terrible play from local media.

On Monday, Bryan Price went off on a local reporter after reports that All-Star catcher Devin Mesoraco wasn’t with the team for Sunday’s game. Even though the report was accurate, Price was upset that some outlets had reported about his absence.

“I don’t know what the importance is for everyone to know if we have a player that’s not here,” Price said. “We don’t benefit at all from the other teams knowing we don’t have a player.”

Bryan Price was also upset that the Cincinnati Enquirer reported about Triple-A call-up Tucker Barnhart heading to join the team in St. Louis. Barnhart happened to be on the same flight as beat writer C. Trent Rosecrans, who reported on the promotion before Price had a chance to tell catcher Kyle Skipworth that he was going back to the minors.

In a media session on Monday, Price turned to the interviewer himself and asked Rosecrans why he would report on that, noting that “it doesn’t help us if our opponents know who is here and who isn’t.”

The Bryan Price audio caught the entire five-minute tirade (transcript via Cincinnati Enquirer).

“We don’t need to know that Tucker Barnhart’s in the f****** airport when we haven’t spoken to Kyle Skipworth. I think we owe that f******* kid the right to be called and told that he’s going to be sent down as opposed to reading that Tucker Barnhart is on his way from Louisville. I just… I don’t get it. I don’t get why it’s got to be this way. Has it always been this way where we just tell f****** everybody everything? So every f****** opponent we have has to know exactly what we have. Which f****** relievers are available, which guys are here and which guys aren’t here, when they can play, and what they can do. It’s nobody’s f****** business. It’s certainly not the opponent’s business. We have to deal with this f****** b*******.”

The audio continued as Bryan Price went on, telling Rosecrans that the reporting has been hurting the already stumbling Reds.

“Your job is not to sniff out every f****** thing is about the Reds and f****** put it out there for every other f****** guy to hear. It’s not your job. You want me to be candid with you? I’ve been candid with you. I f****** talk to you guys like men, I tell you what the f***’s going on with the team, I tell you how I’m feeling as candidly as I can and then this s***? You’ve got to watch this f****** s***? I’ve got to f****** read that on a f****** Tweet on our own people in here that we don’t have a f****** player? How the f*** does that benefit the Reds? It doesn’t benefit us one f****** bit. God **** we try to go out there and win f****** games and I got to come in here and then you guys f****** blow it all over the f****** place? Who we can play? Who we can’t? I’ll tell you what you want to know, I’m not going to f****** lie to you. I didn’t tell you f****** s***.”

The Bryan Price rant audio was originally posted by the Courier-Journal, though it can be quite difficult to listen to with all the beeps.

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