'RuPaul's Drag Race' Week 8: Old Faces Return But Who Gets To Stay [Spoilers]

Since the announcement on last week's RuPaul's Drag Race, fans have been speculating on who the returned queen might be. We all knew that an eliminated queen from this season would be returning, but Ru just had to throw in a twist.

However, the mini challenge comes first. Drag Race is getting in on the Orange is the New Black hype by making a challenge based on the hit show. "Orange is the new Drag" had Latrice Royale making a special appearance as the warden of Tuckahoe Women's Prison. The seven remaining queens had to glam up, or in some cases down, their orange outfits for this challenge. The pit crew bought in a few supplies and the queens were encouraged to use any contraband they could sneak in. Gasp!

The winner of the mini challenge was Kennedy Davenport. LogoTV posted all of the jailhouse looks on its website.

Kennedy Davenport's "Orange is the New Drag" look.

Then, it happened. RuPaul announced that a queen was coming back to the show, and Trixie Mattel walked into the work room -- followed by Tempest DuJour? Kandy Ho? What was happening here?!?

All seven eliminated queens walked into the work room, making this episode a first in Drag Race "herstory."

As the winner of the mini challenge, Kennedy Davenport had the honor of choosing her own partner and assigning partners to the remaining queens for the main stage challenge: Conjoined Drag Twins. Here is the twist: the eliminated queen of the winning team gets back on the show.

Kennedy chose Jasmine Masters for her partner, as both have a background in pageant drag. The wore a pink ensemble and were connected at the hip? Leg? Honestly, it was a bit hard to tell, and it was never fully mentioned in the episode. Ginger Minj was paired with Sasha Belle and was not a happy camper. But she pulled it together (somewhat) and created a complete look. They were joined at the nipples.

Pearl and Trixie played off the pretty twin/ugly twin scenario, with Trixie being the latter. Being corseted together was Max and Violet, as a pair they looked gorgeous and even impressed Michelle Visage. Jaidynn found an unlikely twin in Tempest DuJour. The odd couple thought it wise to play on their differences and be connected back to front, with Jaidynn leading the way.

Miss Fame and Kandy Ho, twins at the hip, were a little bit too addicted to plastic surgery, which has been done, and done again, on Drag Race. The last pair of queens were Katya and Mrs. Kasha Davis. Yes, yes, they were a team when Kasha was kicked off, but this week, they worked it as aging hookers joined at the vagina.

Joining Ru, Michelle, and Ross was Nelsan Ellis and LeAnn Rimes. The favorite were the teams of Katya, Pearl, and Violet. The Katya/Kasha combo brought out an ugly beauty that Nelsan loved. And Violet made Max just plain gorgeous. Though, of course, there could only be one winner, and that winner was Pearl! Which means that Trixie is back on the show.

I repeat, Trixie Mattel is back on RuPaul's Drag Race.

The bottom two were Jaidynn Diore Fierce for the third time in a row, and Ginger Minj, whose boobs just didn't win over any judges. After an on-stage mastectomy, Ginger was told to stay.

Jaidynn the Fierce was asked to sashay away.

Are you living for this season's RuPaul's Drag Race? Or are you just waiting for it to end?

[Photos via Twitter and Logo TV]