Crane And Truck Move 1,000 Pound Man: Heavy Machinery Needed To Move Man To New Facility

A crane and a truck were used to move a 1,000 pound man from a nursing home to a new facility in Rhode Island. According to Fox News, the Rhode Island Executive Office of Health & Human Services had been planning the move for weeks. Brian Butler was taken down Interstate 95 on a flatbed truck from Providence to Cranston on Sunday.

“A coalition consisting of the Providence and Cranston Fire Departments, Lifespan, the Hospital Association of Rhode Island and Bay Crane Northeast helped move the man from his closing nursing home room to a new facility.”

According to NewsMax, the move took seven hours on Sunday, and as you can probably imagine, the feat wasn’t easy. Butler was taken out of his room after the door was cut off. Authorities then used a ramp to move him to a place where he would be accessible to the crane. Said crane lifted him up and put him on a flatbed truck.

“This is a patient with very complicated medical needs and it required a coordinated approach. His care and safety has been our top priority throughout this transport,” said Michael Raia of the Rhode Island Executive Office of Health & Human Services.

Using a crane and truck to move a 1,000 pound man might seem a bit extreme, but there would have been no other way to move Butler, and he is pretty immobile on his own.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Butler had to be moved from the Bannister House in Providence because the home was closing due to debt. He was taken to Eleanor Slater Hospital where he will reside for the unforeseeable future.

Butler previously said that he wanted to undergo gastric bypass surgery, but he couldn’t find a doctor who would do the operation. It was during an interview with NBC News back in 2006 that Butler’s story was first told. He admitted that he’s an emotional eater and that depression caused him to eat large amounts of food.

“When I’m depressed I’ll eat chips or order myself a large pizza and pretty much kill it myself,” Butler said at the time.

Evidently Butler hasn’t gotten the help that he clearly needs, and he hasn’t changed.

[Photo by Adam J. Root, U.S Marine Corps via Wikimedia Commons]