Dinosaur Eggs Discovered: 43 Fossils Uncovered By Workers In China

A construction crew in China made a remarkable discovery over the weekend, uncovering a clutch of 43 dinosaur eggs in a region noted for its remarkable concentration of fossils.

The astonishing find was made by workers in China’s Guangdong Province on Sunday, the Daily Mail reports, as they labored to update a local roadway. Once the eggs were discovered, archaeologists worked for several hours in the city of Heyuan to uncover them, finding 19 fully intact. The dinosaur eggs ranged from 10 to 12 centimeters in diameter, with one measuring 13 centimeters, and have been well preserved by the red sandstone beds that characterize the region.

Though the species of dinosaur responsible for laying the eggs has yet to be identified, Du Yanli, curator of the city’s dinosaur museum, noted that they are large in size. While ancient, the eggs are far from the first to be found in the area, which has been noted for a stunning density of fossils. In 2005, the local dinosaur museum was acknowledged by the Guinness Book of World Records as possessing the largest collection of fossilized dinosaur eggs in the world, as Xinhua notes, with just over 10,000 examples housed there.

Since the first eggs were found in the region in 1996, an astonishing 17,000 more have been discovered. According to Du, recent roadwork has heightened the pace at which they are uncovered.

“There are fossilized dinosaur eggs everywhere in the red sandstone layer but they were never found because the city was built on top of the layers,” he observed. “With the recent road and sewage system upgrade, the red sandstone layer is being exposed and has led to the discovery of the fossils.”

Following the discovery, one of the workmen attempted to make off with several of the dinosaur eggs. He was prevented from doing so, however, and eventually fled on foot without the fossils. Spectators then formed a human chain to guard the dinosaur eggs until authorities arrived to collect them.

Last year, a father and son in Texas made headlines when they uncovered a series of dinosaur bones at a local construction site. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the bones belonged to an herbivorous dinosaur known as a nodosaur.

Work has been temporarily halted in the area where the fossils were found, and all of the dinosaur eggs have been transported to the local museum for further study and preservation.

[Image via the Daily Mail]