Why Did Iona And Emily Costello Disappear?

Iona and Emilly Costello have been found safe after they were believed to be missing for nearly a month. This new development in their case brings an end to the search for the mother-daughter duo, but many questions remain — in particular, why did these two go missing in the first place?

Jezebel reports that the two missing ladies were found wandering the streets of New York City and have been questioned by police regarding their mysterious disappearance. No charges are expected to arise from this bizarre case.

What caused the Costellos to disappear, though? Ever since they were reported missing by worried members of their family, many disturbing facts have come to light that made it hard not to speculate the worst case scenario in their disappearance. Iona had been tied up in a court battle over her late husband’s riches with his children from previous marriages, and she had also been described as being “under a lot of stress.”

Worries were heightened in the public when sources like the Daily Mail reported that Iona Costello’s stepson had a criminal history. The young man had also been in NYC around the time of Iona and Emily’s visit, only to end up apprehended by police in Florida later. All of these numerous circumstances made a mysterious case even more bizarre.

Currently, there are no reports clarifying on why Iona and Emily went missing. However, multiple sources have pointed out the oddities in their case. Jezebel points out that the two of them “must have known” that they were being sought. Indeed, they were being sought by more than one police agency along with the local and national media.

Meanwhile, social media lit up because of the strange case of a mother and daughter going missing. Furthermore, they had reportedly turned off their phones and ignored the numerous calls that came in from family members, concerned friends, and the media. During the course of their disappearance, Iona and Emily used only cash and essentially abandoned the vehicle that was later found in a parking deck where it had been left.

Southold Local News reports that Emily and Iona were not held against their will. So this was, in fact, a voluntary disappearance that put so many people on alert. The circumstances of this voluntary disappearance are also not being shared with the public, so everyone is left with many questions that may never be answered. At least there is a fortunate ending in this case, as so many horrible things could have happened to the missing mother and daughter.

[Photo: Iona & Emily Costello via Southold Local]