Luke Bryan: Vodka, Rum Ritual Between Luke And Blake Shelton Pre-ACM Awards Revealed

Luke Bryan drank some vodka while Blake Shelton drank some rum before hosting the ACM Awards on Sunday night, something that has become a tradition of sorts for the two guys. This was the third time that the country stars hosted the show together, so they pretty much know how it’s going to go down — and they prepare accordingly.

According to Star Pulse, Bryan opened up about how he and Blake get ready for the show, saying that the guys enjoy an alcoholic beverage together before taking the stage.

“I wouldn’t say there’s many nerves, I’d just say there’s a lot of excitement. It’s going to be a fun night of music and a lot of memories. We huddle up and do some read-throughs and mix us a drink and get ready to do this thing. It’s the country guy’s chill-pill — a little vodka. I think Blake’s a rum guy — Bicardi,” Bryan told Entertainment Tonight on the ACM Awards red carpet.

Luke Bryan likes his vodka, and he’s not afraid to admit it!

What fans really seem to enjoy the most is that these two country stars are friends, and they really do a great job at hosting the show together (even if they do have a drink together beforehand). Interestingly enough, there is a rumor going around that Luke is in talks to replace Blake on The Voice. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, it was actually Blake who made the suggestion.

“I think Luke [Bryan] would be good — I do. He’d be a good person in that chair,” Blake said.

It is unknown if Blake has any intentions of leaving the show, but it is possible that he may want to take a season or two off so that he can go on tour, or start a family with his wife, Miranda Lambert. Shelton has been on The Voice since it started in 2011, and while he really seems to love it, he might want some time off eventually.

“There also has to be an element of actually being willing to just give up, pretty much, your career to do it, your touring career. I’m just lazy enough. I may be the only one that was willing to do that. After 15 years of touring all the time, I was ready to sit in one spot for months at a time. I know Luke loves to tour and he’s having fun with it.”

Obviously, Luke Bryan wouldn’t be able to drink vodka before getting in the judge’s chair, but that’s an easy compromise, right?

[Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images]