‘The Voice’ Top 10 Recap: Who Shined, Who Flopped, And Who’s Headed Home?

This week on The Voice, the Top 10 would be working with four of the top producers in the industry, including Mark Ronson. These powerhouses were behind major hits for artists ranging from Adele to U2 to Beyonce. One could only hope this meant the Top 10 remaining Voice hopefuls would perform some really interesting songs (and not iTunes hits recycled from recent seasons).

Prior to the Top 10 performances, the remaining Voice singers opened the show with a performance of “Rocket Man” mashed up with “Saturday’s Alright For Fighting.” If you’re an Elton John fan, you may have been more pleased with certain segments of the Voice performance than others. You may have also picked out a few artists that seemed like weak links from the beginning.

I admit Deanna Johnson‘s one line made me cringe, but I hoped she’d recover a bit for her own song.

The first contestant from the Top 10 to perform was Voice hopeful Kimberly Nichole, who was also one of the strongest performers. Nichole sang the Etta James classic “Something’s Got a Hold On Me.” The Voice artist brought it; the performance felt like a combination of a Sunday church service and a rock concert. Somehow, it really worked for The Voice.

Meghan Linsey provided the other notable power vocals of the night with “Home.” Vocally she was on point, earning a standing ovation from all four coaches. Voice judge Christina Aguilera considered it the best she’s done on the show this season.

“I was blown away,” said Aguilera, “Very impressed.”

Adam Levine considers her one of the top Voice contestants still in the competition.

Koryn Hawthorne continues to surprise. Her version of “Make It Rain” might actually be superior to that of Matt McAndrew’s if only for the raw emotion she poured into the song. I thought Chris Jamison had a turn around last season! With this performance, Koryn may have turned herself into a dark horse!

Getting back to Deanna, the Georgia native was pushed to later in the show. I’d hoped this was a good sign since the later spots are typically reserved for the most promising performances on shows like The Voice. Adam Levine attempted to coax a bit more of a star power out of her. “Somebody to Love” may have been an ideal song choice, but vocally Deanna is just too far downhill to compete with the front-runners.

Her only hope of continuing to The Voice Top 8 is if a bit of goodwill from last week’s miracle save remains. I would say that Deanna was the weakest link of the night. Although Joshua Davis and Hannah Kirby didn’t exactly give very skilful Voice performances, their popularity may carry them forward.

Speaking of which, Corey Kent White is going to test the theory of whether or not the fangirl vote will keep someone longer than they should be around. Last season it was Ryan Sill. If he survives beyond the Top 8, it will be miraculous.

On the strength of their performances, I would say that by all rights, Deanna, Corey, and Joshua would be the Bottom 3. We’ll have to wait for the iTunes ranking tomorrow to determine whether or not this observation is accurate.

Who did you think gave the best Voice performances? Which two members of the Top 10 are probably leaving The Voice tomorrow?

[Image Credit: The Voice YouTube]