Clicky stats gets even better with new “Megaspy” feature

Web stats service Clicky has rolled out the beta of “Megaspy,” a new multi-function live statistics extension.

Megaspy takes the original “spy” feature in Clicky that lists traffic hitting your site in real time, and makes the data far more useful than just an updating list of pages being hit on a site. Along with streamed actions, Clicky users can now see live totals including which pages visitors are on, what links they’ve come from, searches, countries, cities, browsers and operating system.

Although a lot of what Clicky offers duplicates Google Analytics, the live data has always been the biggest value proposition, at least it was for me when I signed up back in November. Megaspy builds on that data, delivering more useful live stats that take it towards, although it doesn’t do charts or hour by hour comparisons yet.

Megaspy is available to free users of Clicky during the beta, but will be restricted to paid users once the beta period is over. Another reason to sign up for a reasonable priced paid account.