‘The Walking Dead’ Escape: Negan and Other Comforts

“The Walking Dead” Season 6 is only going to be released in October, 2015. However, fans just cannot stop themselves from building up their hopes and trying to figure out the twists of the plot. Fortunately, there are ways to survive the hiatus, and one of them is The Walking Dead Escape attraction! According to Digital Spy, this event will take place during the Comic-Con International 2015 in San Diego, on July 10–11.

So what is this thing? According to the official website of the event, The Walking Dead Escape is an interactive fan experience, tightly connected with the plot of the TV show. The participants of the attraction can join three separate groups: survivors, walkers, and spectators. According to the event’s internal plot, the survivors are the group of people, who managed to get to Alexandria Safe Zone — well, when it stopped being safe. They try to survive. The walkers are the ones who get all the awesome makeup and the ability to chase survivors whenever they feel like it. And spectators belong to the group of people who simply enjoy the show. Basically, every self-respecting fan of the comic books or/and the TV show will find a fitting role for him or herself.

What is so special about this year’s challenge? Well, according to The Walking Dead Escape official website, this July, the participants of the event will be faced with the comic book villain Negan.

“Sure, you’ll need to run for your lives, but you’ll also need to make decisions alone or as a group that will determine whether you’re captured or escape the menacing Negan and his group of Survivors.”

Fans waited for Negan’s appearance in the show quite for a while – no wonder that the organizers of event make such a big deal out of it. However, recently the Inquisitr reported that according to the latest rumors, Negan is also going to appear on the screen.

“Comic book fans have been expecting Negan to rear his ugly head some time soon. Even though executive producer David Alpert has confirmed Negan will be introduced to the TV series, there is no official confirmation yet that he will appear in Season 6. However, Hollywood Life has suggested he is near after Daryl and Aaron had that run-in with walkers at the warehouse in the Season 5 finale. According to the comic books, Negan lives in a warehouse with many wives.”

The Walking Dead Escape attraction seems like an interesting experience for fans that just cannot wait to see Season 6.