There Are Stupid Criminals, And Then There Is This Man

We all get a kick out of reading stories about stupid criminals. Websites are full of stories about some poor senseless individual who will stop at nothing to show the world he can be more stupid than the last guy. That seems to be the case for one criminal from Riverdale, New Jersey.

Jorge Ramirez-Sierra had been arrested in March for possession of drugs. The night before he was to appear, Ramirez-Sierra had confided to his friend the he did not have a way of making it to his court hearing in nearby Paterson, New Jersey. When his friend woke up the next morning, he realized his 2011 Ford Fusion was missing.

The friend reported the theft to police. While the police were at the residence taking a statement, Ramirez-Sierra called his friend to tell him he had, in fact, taken his car. He was taken into custody upon his arrival. To compound matters, he had heroin and drug paraphernalia in the vehicle. This stupid criminal was driving with an open alcoholic container. Last but certainly not least, he was driving with a suspended license.

In what may be the biggest understatement of a lifetime, his friend summed up what most people were thinking about Ramirez-Sierra.

“He’s a real piece of work this guy.”

Ramirez-Sierra was released pending an April 15 hearing at the Morris County Central Judicial Processing Center. Here is hoping he had someone to drive him there.

Unfortunately, this is not the first case of a stupid criminal committing a crime just to make his court appearance. In May of 2014, Timothy Frederick Knight had been charged with stealing a car to make his court appearance. In fact, the screwdriver he used to punch the ignition was still in the floorboard.

These are just two cases that point to the lack of sense a lot of criminals show. There are websites fully devoted to stupid criminals and the goofy decisions they make. It may be a guy in Pennsylvania who decides to break into a house with his own credit card. It may be a teenager who was caught breaking into a home because he left himself logged on to his Facebook account.

Regardless, Jorge Ramirez-Sierra is up for the stupid criminal of the week. The scary thing is the week is young, and there are a lot of dumb people out there.