‘Fantastic Four’ Trailer Leaked Online, Meet The New Villain Dr. Doom

The second trailer for the new Fantastic Four movie was leaked online a whole day before it was scheduled to be released. According to CNET, the trailer was posted on YouTube by the user lioonelx, but was quickly taken down by 20th Century Fox. This marks yet another trailer that was leaked online before its official release.

Last week, Zack Snyder’s new trailer for Batman v Superman was also unveiled early, causing the studio to post the new trailer ahead of its original timeline.

The user who leaked the Fantastic Four trailer remains unknown, as the YouTube profile used to post the video contains little information. While 20th Century Fox had the video removed from YouTube fairly quickly, some fans were still able to watch it while others had to wait the next day to see the teaser.

In contrast to the first trailer, this one offered more spoilers and details concerning the main storyline. Naturally, the video showed the main characters and some of their special abilities, including Mr. Fantastic (Miles Teller) and his stretching powers, the Invisible Woman (Kate Mara) flickering in an out of view, the Human Torch (Michael B. Jordan) lighting things up in a few shots, and the Thing (Jamie Bell) making his usual rocky entrance.

Additionally, the trailer revealed more about the main villain in the film, Dr. Doom (Toby Kebbell). Kebbell revealed in a previous interview with Collider that Dr. Doom is a computer programmer turned evil, which is different than the normal Latverian wanderer he is depicted as being in the comics.

The new Fantastic Four movie is a reboot of the hit franchise that is actually the longest-running team of superheroes created by Marvel. The most recent film in the franchise was produced some 10 years ago, and even managed to appear on the front cover of Game Informer magazine back in February of 2005.

The new movie is directed by Josh Trank and focuses on the origins of the superheroes, which start when a group of young researchers discover how to travel to a different dimension. However, as seen in the trailer, things don’t go well for the group as they enter into a new and strange universe. Upon returning, the group members are found to have strange and new powers. The young superheroes must work together to fight off a new enemy, which turns out to be one of their own who has turned against them.

Fantastic Four is scheduled to be released August 7, 2015.

[Lead Image Courtesy: Fox]