Mother Filmed Threatening To Stomp Her Baby’s Head As She Fights With Her Husband, Concerned Onlooker Records The Argument

Russian police are concerned for the well-being of a baby that is shown in a video depicting the mother preparing to stomp on the baby’s head in a park, as a result of an argument between a husband and wife. The suspects, identified as 32-year-old Vyacheslav Samoilov and his 30-year-old wife, Victoria, were recorded by a concerned onlooker that wanted to ensure there was enough proof to put the parents behind bars and place the baby in a safer environment. Although the baby appeared to be unharmed during the incident, the threat of smashing the child underfoot has caused the authorities to show concern and continue their investigation into the child’s safety.

According to the Mirror U.K., Ludmila Ignateva, the 43-year-old woman that recorded the incident, saw the woman and husband arguing for an unknown reason. The mother became irate and threatened to harm the helpless child, throwing the baby to the ground and mockingly pretending to stomp on the child’s head. Luckily, the Victoria Samoilov did not carry through with the threat.

“I saw them arguing and the woman threw the baby on the ground then pretended to trample on it.”

Ignatyeva was then shocked to see the man flee in one direction while the mother fled in another, leaving the baby laying on the cold ground. It is unclear when the parents returned for the child, but Ignatyeva contacted the police to report the horrendous case of abuse and neglect. However, Metro U.K. reports that after the video was posted online, social services and the police began reviewing the footage and determined the identity of both parents.

The baby’s health was reviewed by doctors and was given a clean bill of health, with no apparent injuries on its body.

The incident took place in a park located in the Russian city of Noginsk, located in Western Russia’s Moscow Oblast. The child is only 18-months-old and is expected to be removed from the care of Victoria and Vyacheslav Samoilov. However, details on their punishment have not been revealed at this time.

Ludmila Ignatyeva was horrified when she saw the couple screaming at each other and completely shocked by the horrible mock head stomp the mother pretended to assault the baby with. She was speechless, but knew the incident needed to be documented for the authorities to take action and do everything in their power to help the child.

[Photo Courtesy: Metro U.K.]