Brody Jenner Talk Show Coming Soon: What Can Fans Expect From ‘Sex With Brody’?

People have been talking about Bruce Jenner’s sit-down with Diane Sawyer set to air soon, but there’s another Jenner working on a television show coming soon too. Brody Jenner’s talk show is a go, and now specific details are being revealed. What’s the scoop?

Brody Jenner’s talk show will be titled Sex with Brody, and he tweeted that it will premiere on Friday, July 10 on the E! Network. According to Deadline, the network pick-up was for four episodes. Stevie Ryan and Mike Dow will join Jenner on the talk show that is based off of Jenner and Dow’s podcast.

Learning that the show was picked up by E! surely comes as little surprise to anybody, considering that Keeping Up with the Kardashians and all of those related spin-offs are shown on the same network. As was previously reported by the Inquisitr, Sex with Brody is described as being a mix between Howard Stern’s show, though a bit less extreme, and Loveline.

Jenner, Dow, and Ryan will not only take phone calls from viewers as they do the show, but they’ll head out of the studio to talk to folks on the street as well. They’ll apparently be angling to get those they come across to reveal their thoughts on relationships and sex. In addition, there will be some guest stars sprinkled throughout the initial show run, including appearances by April Rose, Joanna Krupa, and Christina Milian.

Though Jenner has appeared on KUWTK at times, he’s also known for his time on The Hills and The Princes of Malibu. More recently he’s often been seen making appearances in Las Vegas or at Coachella.

Brody is typically more than happy to say what’s on his mind, whether it be on his podcast or in response to questions about not attending Kim Kardashian’s wedding, but hitting up her ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush’s nuptials. Fans of his would expect him to let loose on this new show just as he’s been known to do via other venues, and it sounds like viewers will definitely get what they’re anticipating in that respect.

Will Brody Jenner’s talk show be a hit on the E! Network? He’s doing plenty of teasing about all of the insight he has to share, and he’s certainly getting it on the air at a great time, given the continued publicity around his family. Stay tuned for more news on Brody Jenner’s talk show called Sex with Brody and see if it manages to get a long-term pick-up from E! at some point.

[Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images]