Baby Killed By Pit Bull: 2-Month-Old Infant Mauled To Death By Family Pit Bull

A Dallas couple is mourning the loss of their 2-month-old baby who was mauled to death by the family’s pit bull. According to CBS News, the horrific attack took place on Sunday, April 19. The baby was seated in a bouncer on the floor at the time of the attack. The father reportedly walked out of the home momentarily to turn on the sprinkler system in the front yard. Local authorities with the Dallas Police Department recently shared a detailed account of the incident.

When he walked back into the home, the dog was attacking the baby. The father immediately tried to pull the dog from the baby, but to no avail. The mother walked in on the scene and also attempted to stop the dog. It has been reported that the dog also bit her twice when she reached to pick the baby up. At some point, the father managed to grab the dog by the neck and drag it away from the child. He reportedly took the dog outside and shot it twice. Unfortunately, the damage had already been done.

According to NBC-DFW, the mother and child were rushed to the Children’s Medical Center of Dallas. The baby, identified by medical examiners as Brayden Lamar Wilson, was pronounced dead. No further information has been released about the mother’s condition. However, it has been reported that Child Protective Services has opened an investigation in regards to the incident. It is unclear whether the parents will face charges or not. No charges have been filed against the baby’s parents as of yet. The couple’s other children have not been taken from the home, and they have no history with CPS.

[Image via Pailing Woow]