Alexia Umansky’s Mom, Kyle Richards, Gives More Details About Kim Richards’ Dog Attack

Alexia Umansky’s injuries after Kingsley’s attack have been a hot topic throughout filming on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills — especially after Kim Richards shockingly blamed her niece for prompting her dog to bite her hand.

During the reunion, Kim and Kyle Richards were seen at odds over the situation, with Kim blaming Alexia for the attack and accusing Kyle of publicizing the incident.

According to an April 20 report by Wetpaint Entertainment, Kyle has since set the record straight in regard to Kingsley’s attack on Alexia Umansky, detailing her daughter’s injuries in her Bravo blog.

“[Alexia Umansky] had spent the night at Kim’s house on Halloween. The next morning, Kingsley bit her. While scary, at first it didn’t seem that serious. However, what the first doctor failed to notice was that the tooth had pierced the bone and also broken it. Five days later, we found out that her bone was infected and she needed surgery to clean out the bone.”

Although Kyle did admit to sharing two photographs of Alexia Umansky in the hospital, the captions of the photos said nothing about what had happened to her daughter, or who was responsible. As she explained in her Bravo blog, it was TMZ, who later found out about the incident, and immediately reported on the news.

“Kim was upset, because I had posted pictures from the hospital. Like I said at the reunion, I NEVER said her dog bit [Alexia Umansky]. Never mentioned her OR her dog. TMZ ended up finding out that it was Kim’s dog, and she blamed me, because I posted the pictures from the hospital.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, a source recently spoke out, revealing Alexia Umansky’s injuries were far worse than anyone had expected, and resulted in her missing tons of time at college. At the time, the source revealed to Radar Online that Alexia Umansky returned home to Los Angeles for care, and was unable to complete her courses.

“[Alexia Umansky] is missing an entire year of college because of it now, and she may have to reapply and go somewhere else — it was BAD.”

The source claimed if Alexia Umansky’s dog bite had been just a few millimeters deeper, she could have lost her finger, or need amputation. In the weeks following the attack, Alexia Umansky underwent physical therapy, and reconstructive surgery, which sadly put a wrench into her education plans.

[Photo via Twitter]