Heath Ledger’s Sister Says Matilda Ledger Is Being Raised ‘Real’ By Mother Michelle Williams

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Heath Ledger’s child, Matilda Ledger, and that’s for good reason. Her mother, actress Michelle Williams, has tried her best to shield her from the spotlight.

Even when Williams is doing press for her films, she doesn’t give too much away on what life is like for Matilda, so it’s a surprise that the late Heath Ledger’s sister has given up a few facts. Fortunately, Kate Ledger had nothing but praise for Michelle Williams.

Speaking with Australia’s Confidential, Kate Ledger described Heath and Michelle’s daughter as, “an expressive, creative, beautiful girl who is fortunate enough to have great grounding from her mum.”

As for how Michelle Williams’ raises Matilda Kate Ledger said, “Michelle really does keep things ‘real’ for her, and her existence, although different from most, is as normal as possible in an abnormal world.”

Michelle and Matilda live in Brooklyn, while Ledger’s family lives in Australia, but that doesn’t mean Matilda doesn’t get her fair share of stories about her late father. Matilda’s aunt explains that they all do their best to keep his spirit alive.

“I love telling [her] stories about her daddy and how he grew up. I think it’s so important for her to have a good sense of where she comes from in order for her to get to know herself.”

Heath Ledger passed away in 2008 at the age of 28-years-old. He was found unresponsive, and weeks later it was discovered that Ledger passed away from an intoxication due to prescription pills. Months prior to his death, it was revealed that he had trouble with sleeping and was depressed.

As for Michelle Williams, she had actress Kristen Bell in part to thank for protecting Matilda from the paparazzi lens. Bell started a “No Kids Policy,” which is a call to action for publications to stop publishing photos of celebrities’ children, in order to lessen the dollar amount on paparazzi photos of children. Outlets like People and Entertainment Weekly have followed suit.

Recently, Williams opened up on Kristen’s bill. “Men and women in suits were cashing cheques off of my daughter’s face. There are so many problems with that, but Kristen has made it so much easier for these kids to live in a world that is friendly and that they can trust.”

[Photo by Valerie Macon / Getty Images]