‘Revenge’ Spoilers: Is Victoria Grayson Really Gone?

Viewers had quite the episode of Revenge to watch Sunday night, as Victoria Grayson seemingly killed herself in epic fashion right at the end. Is the tough nemesis of Amanda/Emily’s really dead? While not everybody is convinced, actress Madeleine Stowe dishes out some key Revenge spoilers about her character’s death and what still lies ahead.

Stowe tells TVLine that the final few episodes of the season, possibly the series, do contain some flashbacks with Victoria Grayson. Madeleine says that fans have to remember that Victoria has previously shown signs that she could commit suicide, so that explosive ending Sunday night shouldn’t come as a total shock.

While there have been other twists and turns that seemingly indicated the end for Victoria, Stowe says that this is the perfect ending for the character. However, more information will be revealed in these final episodes that help explain her and her mindset a bit more.

ABC has yet to confirm that they’ve canceled Revenge, though there have been signs building that this Season 4 finale will also be the series finale. Will it leave fans satisfied? Stowe teases Revenge spoilers that it’s hard to tell, though she does think that fans will get closure. It seems that this finale is titled “Two Graves,” leading to a great deal of speculation about just how it all may end.

That Season 4 finale airs on May 10, with TV Guide teasing that the April 26 show is titled “Aftermath” and the May 3 episode is called “Plea.” In the next show, Emily’s loved ones will worry about her as she sorts through all that’s happened. In the penultimate episode, Ben aims to keep her locked up and she pleads with Nolan and Jack to help her prove she isn’t guilty, so things may not quite be entirely over for Emily and Jack after all.

This has been a spring of big character deaths for ABC. Many Scandal fans were shocked by the supposed death of Jake Ballard, played by Scott Foley, last week. Interestingly, Foley hasn’t done any interviews about his character’s death like Stowe has. There have been signs that Jake will survive the vicious stabbing, but it sounds as if Victoria’s plan in this last round was her final one.

Despite the Stowe interview, not everybody is convinced that this is really the end for Victoria Grayson, as the recap at Entertainment Weekly notes. When it comes to Revenge, the show has made it clear that they’re willing to kill off key characters, but they also love to incorporate twists and turns that will shock the viewers. Are these Revenge spoilers from Madeleine Stowe for real, or does the show have yet another shocker in store before the end?

Stay tuned for more Revenge spoilers as the end of the season draws near, including a confirmation of a cancellation or surprising news of a renewal. How will it all end for Emily?

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