Blur Unveils New Song, ‘Ong, Ong’

The recently reunited Blur have unveiled another song off their upcoming new release, just three days after they unveiled another, according to NME. This song, “Ong, Ong” – which you can listen to below – comes hot on the heels of the song “My Terracotta Heart” just a couple of days ago. The songs album, titled The Magic Whip, is Blurs first release since 2003’s Think Tank and their first to feature guitarist Graham Coxon throughout since 1999’s 13.

This would make the third new song from Blur in the last several months, the first being “There Are Too Many Of Us.” Singer Damon Albarn spoke about the experience of making “There Are Too Many Of Us” to NME.

“Probably the initial idea came from being in a very claustrophobic city, but I actually finished the lyric after having come back from Australia. I was there the day they had the hostage situation in the chocolate shop, which was an extraordinary thing to witness. I was staying in a hotel where I could literally see what was going on outside and watch it on television. I’ve never been in that position before, and as a songwriter that was a very interesting standpoint to have. To be seeing something on TV, and then out the window it’s happening. Seeing the reality of what was happening and how it was being distorted through the prism of [the camera] was kind of fascinating.”

Albarn also took issue with the newest generation of musicians, calling them a “selfie generation.”

“Look at music now. Does it say anything? Young artists talk about themselves, not what’s happening out there. It’s the selfie generation. They’re talking platitudes. What are any of them saying? I don’t hear anything other than: ‘This is how I feel.’ Which is an important part of songwriting, but we’re talking in the context of the election – and they don’t have anything to do with it.”

The tracklisting for The Magic Whip can be found below. The album is expected to be released this time next week; April 27.

  1. “Lonesome Street”
  2. “New World Towers”
  3. “Go Out”
  4. “Ice Cream Man”
  5. “Thought I Was A Spaceman”
  6. “I Broadcast”
  7. “My Terracotta Heart”
  8. “There Are Too Many Of Us”
  9. “Ghost Ship”
  10. “Pyongyang”
  11. “Ong Ong”
  12. “Mirrorball”

Fans of Blur will be able to see the band on stage and headlining events this summer. The band will perform at London’s Hyde Park on June 20 and Portugal’s Super Rock Festival in July.

[Photo: Blur Official Facebook]