WWE News: WWE To Ban A Major WWE Superstar’s Finishing Move?

In today’s WWE, health is a huge concern. It really began when the Chris Benoit saga occurred and Eddie Guerrero passed away. After that, Edge was forced to retire due to a problem with his neck. He wasn’t done with the WWE, but the countless bumps he took over the years and dangerous spots took a toll on his body. Some of the dangerous spots were due to moves being executed.

With that said, there is a huge report that was just released about a major WWE superstar, and the potential for backlash about this report is astronomical. According to Justin LaBar of WrestleZone.com, the WWE is about to ban the finishing move of Seth Rollins, the WWE World Heavyweight champion.

“According to WWE sources, the company will be banning Seth Rollins from using the curb stomp finishing move.

“WWE’s feeling about the move, which the WWE World Heavyweight Champion uses as his finisher, is that it’s too much of a direct liability and risk for a head injury.”

Also in the report is the fact that every sport is trying to reduce the risk of head injuries, and more specifically, concussions. Daniel Bryan is already rumored to have one, but the WWE claimed it wasn’t true. WWE wants him to work Extreme Rules with Bad News Barrett, but if Bryan does have a concussion, there are more serious things to be concerned with at the moment.

As for Seth Rollins, the Curb Stomp is his finishing move that has taken out a multitude of WWE greats. Rollins almost landed the move on Edge in a dastardly heel move on an episode of WWE Raw. WWE is in the process of removing the Curb Stomp from all clips that associate with WWE. For example, Rollins’ entrance video didn’t include any spots of his Curb Stomp. They were mainly pictures of the WWE champ.

It is completely understandable that the WWE wants to ban this move from Seth Rollins’ move set. The move has the potential to be very dangerous; in fact, if it goes wrong, the person who takes the move could suffer various injuries. At worst, the WWE superstar could endure neck injuries. That begs the question: How will Seth Rollins win at Extreme Rules?

Randy Orton cannot use the RKO and Rollins can’t use the Curb Stomp. Does this mean Rollins will start featuring the Phoenix Splash in his regular move set? Hopefully, as a WWE fan that enjoys high spots, Rollins will start doing that. The WWE shouldn’t receive hatred for this, even though they will. All the WWE is doing is trying to protect their wrestlers. Seth Rollins is just losing a move by happenstance.

[Image via wwe.com]