WWE News: Triple H Makes 'Tough Enough' Announcement [Video]

Amid a flurry of speculation about the newest season of the reality series Tough Enough, WWE Chief Operating Officer Triple H made an announcement regarding the show's future and that casting is now open.

Previously, the show featured a mixture of men and women, all competing for themselves, and only one person coming out the victor. But this time, the format of the show has changed and we will see more than one person win. As the show is set to premiere on the USA Network, Triple H notified the WWE Universe of the protocol for the show.

"This season of Tough Enough will combine the can't miss excitement of live television, plus, reality show drama as 10 men and five women compete for the once in a lifetime opportunity to become a WWE superstar or diva. By the end of the season, one man, and one woman, will each earn a WWE contract and be declared by our viewing audience...Tough Enough."

Last time, WWE featured Tough Enough back in 2011 with 14 contestants competing against each other to earn a WWE contract. However, based on Triple H's announcement, this time the show will feature 15 contestants and end up with two winners, one of each gender.

This announcement clears up the casting and protocol questions surrounding Tough Enough, but there are still several pertinent inquiries to answer prior to the show airing. One such inquiry is who will be hosting the show this year. Last time, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin hosted the show with assistant trainers Bill DeMott, Booker T, and Trish Stratus.

After Austin himself confirmed that he wouldn't be hosting the show, speculation of who would replace him ran rampant. The most frequently mentioned replacement is former six-time World champion Chris Jericho. But he is far from confirmed and with his band Fozzy, award-winning podcast, and sporadic returns to WWE, finding time to host the show would be problematic.

As reported by the Inquisitr earlier today, Triple H making an announcement regarding the future of Tough Enough is a considered a focal point of Monday night RAW this evening. With the "King of Kings" making this announcement prior to the event, him revealing the host or another important of the show is likely.

For those interested in seeing if they are Tough Enough, they can submit a video to WWEToughEnough.com to be considered for a part on the television series. The show will premiere June 23 on the USA Network.

[Image via WWE]