Chiquita Tate And Greg Harris: Dead Louisiana Attorney's Stabbing Death Will Air On Tonight's 'Fatal Attraction' On TV One

Traciy Reyes

Chiquita Tate, the prominent black attorney who was found stabbed to death in her downtown Baton Rouge office, will have her case presented on tonight's episode of the hit show Fatal Attraction. The TV One documentary follows the true crime stories of fatal couples from the happy beginning to the sad and tragic end. Chiquita Tate was an up and coming African-American lawyer in Louisiana. Everyone who knew Chiquita said that she was a classy lady with a beautiful personality. But she was no push over. And her go getter, crush em' tactics in the courtroom showed the locals that she was an attorney at the top of her game.


She thought that life with Greg Harris was going to be a blissful one. And it did appear to be a good relationship between the two of them in the beginning. The chemistry was on target. The sex was amazing, and the two were ready to conquer the world as they settled into life on Charry Drive in Baker. What people didn't know was that the relationship between Chiquita and Greg was one that was steeped in domestic violence and anger. Chiquita would later learn that her knight in shining armor was a two-timing Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He became so enraged one day that he grabbed Chiquita by the neck and choked her. Fearing for her life, she called 911 but never pursued the case. Instead, she married Greg Harris — sweeping that domestic violence case under the rug.

But life with Greg Harris didn't get any better. Just a year later, the honorable wife packed up her belongings and moved into an apartment of her own. According to court records, on the morning of February 19, 2009, Chiquita Tate chatted with her sister one last time. In that conversation, Chiquita revealed that she had had enough of marriage. The next day, she was found dead in her lavish security-protected office.

When the cops arrived the next day, they found a very bloody scene. Chiquita Tate had over 40 stab wounds to her body, and in her hands was a clump of hair. The obvious question was: did she have any enemies? The investigation revealed that she did have a couple of enemies, and it was also stated that she knew some damaging info about two other prominent judges. Also, the crime didn't appear to have robbery as a motive, since law enforcement officials found Chiquita still wearing her diamond earrings and her beautiful diamond wedding ring.

Once police started to connect the clues in the case, they learned that Chiquita's Gucci wallet had been found on a dark road the night before police found her body. An investigation into her husband's background revealed the domestic violence case that was still pending. Still, the general public didn't suspect Greg. He was the last person anyone would have suspected of killing the popular lawyer, until police learned that Greg Harris' Mercedes had been ticketed on the night of February 19 — right across the street from Chiquita's law office. An examination of his car also revealed a finding of blood on a pair of sunglasses.

By March, police had all they needed to arrest Greg Harris for second-degree murder. At trial, he was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to 40 years in prison. Today, Chiquita's family still remembers her with heavy hearts. In her memory, a beautiful song was created and shared on YouTube.

"She was a fool in the courtroom. She slayed a lot of dudes in the courtroom. I know you watchin' over us from the sky. And I shouldn't question God but we just want to know why. Did you take a good lady and leave us with the blues. But I guess you wanted that good lady up there with you."

"Chiquita Tate was a high-profile attorney who believed that the justice system always prevails in the court of law. One day she encountered Greg Harris, whom she fell in love with instantly although she was heavily focused on her clients and her career. Shortly after meeting, this couple tied the knot only to enter into a romantic nightmare. While working on an extremely time consuming murder trial, Chiquita is found brutally stabbed to death one night in her law office in downtown Baton Rouge. As investigators delve deeper into the case, a twisted tale of love triangles, lies and rage come to the forefront and Chiquita's death devastates the entire Louisiana community."