‘Game Of Thrones’ Spoilers Are Inevitable

When Game of Thrones started five seasons ago, there was one question on many of the book lovers’ minds. Was it possible for George R.R. Martin to stay ahead of the series? It seemed possible at first, but this year saw that hope dashed, when the author’s publisher announced that the release of book six was unlikely to happen until next year. That made the suggestion that book seven would not happen for another couple of years at least, but Season 7 will likely come to an end in 2018.

There are high chances that the show will overtake the books, and that means Game of Thrones spoilers are inevitable. Wired has already shared that one author and book lover has recently given in and started watching the show; originally trying to hold out. Andrea Kail made the decision after the announcement that the show would overtake the books, especially with the way the Internet is going with spoilers everywhere. Billboards and social media reports regularly share the list of the characters that have died, and it will be only a matter of time that book lovers find out Martin’s plans for books six and seven if the show continues with that storyline.

John Joseph Adams is also watching the fifth season of Game of Thrones, despite preferring to read the books first. He said that the show is a sociable event, and it means staying up to date with the TV show to have conversations with his wife and friends.

The inevitable spoilers are not helped by publications sharing them on a daily basis. For example, Forbes suggests in one report that there is a storyline that should be avoided as the show writers move ahead of the book series. Just by reading it, many show fans will find out about something that happens in the book and could potentially be picked up.

Photo stills and theories are also shared on a regular basis. During the summer, fans theorized whether certain characters would die or whether others would come back to life. Even if some fans try to avoid them in fear of spoilers, one poor decision from a friend or publication on Facebook or Twitter could lead to finding out a storyline or character death.

The only way to avoid Game of Thrones spoilers is to avoid reading and watching anything about the show completely. Fans also need to avoid having conversations with others just in case. Is that really a realistic option when it comes to Game of Thrones?

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]