Lana Del Rey Reviews ‘Age of Adaline’: Old Souls Bias Apparent

Lana Del Rey is definitely opening up after a long winter of solitude from the paparazzi and social media. However, now that her Endless Summer tour is about to begin, Lana Del Rey is letting her light shine for fans in the form of movie reviews. Is it possible that Lana Del Rey did this Age of Adaline review to catch Blake Lively’s eye as a fellow “old soul”?

Lately, the big news about Lana Del Rey is that she is working on her upcoming Honeymoon album with Mark Ronson. Lana Del Rey is also hanging out with a man that many fans speculate is her boyfriend.

Although it is not official whether she is dating Francesco Carrozzini, Lana Del Rey is certainly watching movies before they are released to the general public. In particular, Lana Del Rey has been talking about Age of Adaline. Has she actually seen this movie already? After all, Age of Adaline is not due to be released until April 24.

Regardless, on April 20, Lana Del Rey was posting about Age of Adaline on social media. While she did not give the type of review you could expect from Roger Ebert, Age of Adaline has obviously made a favorable impression on Lana Del Rey.

On her Instagram account, Lana Del Rey simply suggests fans go see it, says it is a beautiful film, and includes a photograph of the lead actress, Blake Lively.

Could Blake Lively be the reason that Lana Del Rey has insider knowledge about Age of Adaline?

As it appears, there are relatively few connections between Lana Del Rey and Blake Lively online. The only solid connection between the two is that they landed huge fashion contracts in 2012, according to Fashion News. On that day when their paths crossed, the news stated Lana Del Rey signed with H&M while Lively became the face of Gucci Première.

Could it be that Lana Del Rey is reviewing the movie because she attended a pre-release screening of Age of Adaline? Gilt City shows that there was a screening of Age of Adaline in Los Angeles as early as April 14. Outside of Los Angeles, photos collected by Average Socialite do not show Lana Del Rey attending the Age of Adaline red carpet event in New York City on Sunday, April 19.

Online, there are several indicators that watching a pre-screening of Age of Adaline would have been available to Lana Del Rey since it is likely she has been staying in Los Angeles, according to fan sightings.

Whether or not she saw a preview of the movie, could there be other reasons why Lana Del Rey would be so fascinated with the “beauty” of Age of Adaline? The crisp images are part of director Lee Toland Krieger’s style, but the use of the word beauty might go much deeper for Lana Del Rey.

What is interesting in finding possible connections between Lana Del Rey and Blake Lively is that Lively recently made the claim that, like her character Adaline, she is an “old soul.” In fact, the Irish Examiner points out that “Director Lee Toland Krieger said Blake won the role for being a ‘timeless beauty’ and an ‘old soul’.”

Evidence online shows that timeless beauty and old soul are words commonly used to describe both Blake Lively and Lana Del Rey. About Lana Del Rey being an old soul, one fan states, “She seems like an old soul, and her music speaks to mine.”

Another fan says, “One thing is made abundantly clear though, and that is that Lana Del Rey is an old soul…. It’s almost as if she wants you to know that she’s an old soul who has experienced so much.”

In the end, the overt reason that Lana Del Rey may be fascinated with the beauty of Age of Adaline is that she has a fascination for 1940s fashion. Who else loves 1940s fashion? — Blake Lively. The Irish Examiner quotes Blake Lively saying, “I think the 1940s was my favorite decade for fashion, still really glamorous, but elegant, chic, the multi-piece suits – love the 40s.”

While we may never see a detailed review of Age of Adaline by Lana Del Rey, Lana posting about the beauty of the film certainly reveals that perhaps Lana Del Rey and Blake Lively should consider being old soul best friends.

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