Everything You Need To Know About Apple Watch: Price, Release Date, Design And Features

June is the month for graduations and Father’s Day. It might be the perfect time to give someone an Apple Watch as a gift. The company that made the Apple Watch says, “There’s an Apple Watch for everyone.”

PC Pro reports that Apple began taking pre-orders on April 10, and it was estimated that almost 1 million watches were sold out within six hours. Those watches will begin shipping on April 24. The Apple Watch is still available for pre-order online, but it will not be shipped until June. In the meantime, you can make an appointment to try on, but not buy, the Apple Watch in stores if you want to see how it looks on your wrist.

When choosing your Apple Watch, keep in mind size, price, and features. You can customize each watch to fit your own individual taste. You can choose from different sizes, designs, straps, and buckles.

No matter which Apple Watch you choose, they all have to be connected to the iPhone 5, iOS 8.2 or later, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth 4.0 in order to perform many of its default functions, such as making calls and sending and receiving texts.

One thing you cannot choose. That choice has been made for you. As you can see from the three models below, all Apple Watches have a rectangular face with rounded-off corners. There are two buttons to control the watch and scroll through apps. The bigger button is much like the one on a regular watch.


The Apple Watch comes in three versions. You can choose the entry-level Apple Watch Sport, the mid-range Apple Watch, or the high-end Apple Watch Edition. The watches are available in two screen sizes, 38 mm or 42 mm. Of course, the price depends on which screen size you choose.

Neither Apple Watch is cheap, but it will be helpful to know that the Apple Watch Sport costs $349 for 38 mm and $399 for 42 mm. In the mid-range, the Apple Watch costs $549 for the 38 mm and $599 for the 42 mm. The high end Apple Watch Edition costs $10,000 for 38 mm and $12,000 for the 42 mm.

No matter which one of the three watches you choose, they can be customized. There are 10 different designs available with different strap options in either black, white, or silver. You can choose from eight different leather straps, three different loops, and four different buckles.

Do you intend to buy an Apple Watch? If so, which one would you buy?

[Images via PC Pro]