It’s 420, Forget Weed ‘Legalize Ted,’ ‘Ted 2’ Campaign Goes Viral On Stoner Holiday

The rallying cry, “Bears are people too,” spread across the Internet like wildfire Monday with the hashtag #legalizeTed as pot smokers throughout the nation celebrated the 420 holiday.

Ted, the toy bear that cusses, smokes pot and drinks, is rallying the nation to fight for his personhood in the new Ted 2 marketing campaign launched on the stoner holiday.

“There’s nothing in the constitution that says a bear can’t start a family.”

Seth MacFarlane’s new movie brings Mark Wahlberg and Ted, his lovable scoundrel of a stuffed bear back to the big screen this summer in this sequel to the highest grossing original R-Rated comedy of all time.


In the first movie Ted the teddy bear comes to life following a wish from Wahlberg.

In the sequel, teddy bear Ted marries girlfriend Tami-Lynn and wants to start a family, but since he’s a stuffed bear there are a few problems. Before the couple can grapple with this problem they must first prove to the courts that Ted is a real person.

Enter Amanda Seyfried who joins the cast as legal counsel to Wahlberg and MacFarlane, as the voice of Ted.

Seyfried takes the place of love interest Lori Collins, played by Mila Kunis, in the first movie.

Kunis is reported to play a smaller role in the movie.

Blonde bombshell Seyfried shows off her ringlets and slick professional wardrobe as she argues in court for Ted’s right to be a person.

Amanda told the Daily Mail she signed up for the movie out of trust for MacFarlane and without knowing anything about her character.

“I don’t know what my character is like. I literally don’t know. But I still said yes to Seth because I trust him. How could anybody say no to him? But yeah, I have no idea what I’m doing. It’s so weird.”

Amanda previously worked with MacFarlane on his movie 100 Ways to Die in the West.

Universal and Media Rights Capital’s live action and CG animated movie brings back Ted writers Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild. Other star appearances include Liam Neeson and Morgan Freeman.

The Legalize Ted marketing campaign parodies political movements and pictures Wahlberg and his stuffed bear in various photos and encourages Ted activists to sign a petition.

“Ted deserves the same rights as everybody else. Help him get his life back. Demand equality. Take action. Sign the petition today.”

Ted also has his own Twitter and Tumblr where fans can follow all his fuzzy thoughts.

Ted 2 hits theaters June 26.