‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Hayden Drama Ahead In Port Charles, Mob War Escalates

This week on General Hospital, fans can expect to see suspicions heightened, confessions made, and gunshots fired. There are big discoveries on the horizon, and it seems to be just a matter of time before some of Port Charles’ biggest secrets are revealed. What General Hospital spoilers are available for the episodes airing during the week of April 20?

She Knows Soaps teases that Nikolas will initially panic during Monday’s episode when he learns that Jake’s ring is missing. However, it won’t take long before he figures out where it is. General Hospital spoilers indicate that he will soon find himself in the middle of a difficult situation.

GH spoilers from the “Official Morgan Corinthos” Facebook page detail that there will be some juicy scenes between Hayden and Nikolas this week. Carly is suspicious of Hayden and convinced that Ric is up to something regarding Jake. Spinelli is digging into Hayden’s background, and it seems that Spinelli and Carly will go so far as to sneak into Hayden’s rooms to check things out.

Jake won’t be happy to learn that Spinelli is investigating Hayden, and later in the week, Spinelli will connect with Sam and ask for some help. At one point this week, General Hospital spoilers tease that Hayden will have a confrontation with an armed man. On Friday’s show, Jake will face an upset Hayden at home.

What else can fans expect to see happen in Port Charles this week? Valerie and Dante will grow closer, a development that Lulu isn’t happy about. General Hospital spoilers share that Lulu will work toward getting Valerie into a new place, and she’ll also have some concerns about Maxie and the choices she’s been making.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Lucy will be working on the Nurses Ball while answers regarding Michael’s eccentric behavior surface. Viewers can expect to see a lot happen with Michael this week, as Kiki and Morgan reveal the truth and Sonny has some intense words to share with Michael.

The mob war is escalating, especially after shots are fired. Who is shooting and is anybody hit? General Hospital spoilers note that Duke will get some stunning information as everything is transpiring while Jordan makes moves to end her undercover work. TJ has troublesome news to share with Shawn, and Silas faces questions from Nathan about all of the time he’s spending in New York.

Will Carly be the one to figure out that Hayden is a fake and Jake is really Jason? Where are things headed with the mob wars? Fans can’t wait to see what happens next and it’s all playing out weekdays on ABC on General Hospital.

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