Disney Infinity 3.0 Could Bring Olaf If Recent Photos Are Accurate

Disney Infinity 3.0 is going to happen. That is a fact. If Chinese retailer Taobao is accurate, the next version of Disney Interactive’s toys-to-life game will see the addition of classic Disney characters as well as characters from the upcoming Pixar release Inside Out. Pictures surfaced showing a variety of characters in what looks to be a very realistic advertisement. Taobao has since taken down the pictures at the request of Disney Interactive.

What should excite all of the Frozen fans out there is that everyone’s favorite talking snowman, Olaf, may be added. The leak of new Disney Infinity 3.0 characters also included a classic version of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse as well as Disney Princess Mulan. This would be the second of the Disney Princess line to be added. Jasmine from Aladdin was added in this year’s Disney Infinity 2.0 along with Aladdin himself.

One interesting addition to this leak is the figures Sam Flynn and Quorra from Tron Legacy. In February, Sam and Quorra were introduced as digital exclusive figures to Dinsey Infinity 2.0 on the PC. According to John Vignocchi, Vice President of Production for Disney Interactive, it was to give the PC and iOS figures a little extra.

“The iOS version of Disney Infinity has always attracted our largest audience, so we wanted to do something special to celebrate its launch. I can’t think of a more appropriate digital exclusive than Sam Flynn and Quorra from Tron.”

The last set of characters leaked for Disney Infinity 3.0 will include the emotions from the upcoming Pixar Film Inside Out which will hit theaters June 19. The list includes Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger. It was not said if these characters would include a playset, but if history is any indication, you should expect. All Pixar films with characters released with Disney Infinity, Toy Story, Car, Monsters, and The Incredibles, have included a playset.

Mysteriously absent from the leak were any detail that may surround characters from the Star Wars Universe joining Disney Infinity. Last year’s Disney Infinity 2.0 offered only playsets from the Marvel Universe. As far back as August 2014, Vignocchi has hinted that the “Galaxy Far, Far Away” could be a part of the Disney Infinity line. When asked by Newsarama about hints for the future of Disney Infinity 3.0, he was pretty obvious with the direction Disney Interactive is looking at going.

“Well I did my tease today. My favorite character is one that has not yet been announced. It’s a female character. A Disney character. And we will not tell retail who it is for a very long time in order to keep it a secret! 2015 is not so far, far away anymore, is it?”

It should be noted that Taobao has since removed all references to Disney Infinity 3.0 from their website, but the photos are pretty realistic. What are your thoughts? Do you want a Disney Infinity full of classic characters, or is it time for Star Wars to make an appearance? Leave you comments below.