'Clinton Cash' Excerpts? Book About Hillary And Bill's $136 Million Money Sources Makes Buzz [Video]

Paula Mooney

If constituents thought President Obama's fondness for arugula sounded pretentious, the new book called Clinton Cash threatens to expose potentially nefarious sources of Bill and Hillary Clinton's $136 million earned from 2001 to 2012. Whereas many people in the public believed the Clintons' source of income derived simply from lucrative public speaking engagements during President Clinton's years after leaving the White House, this new book begs to differ about the reason why they occurred, noting Bill enjoyed at least 13 $550,000 honorariums for his speeches during Hillary's Secretary of State tenure -- and points to their Clinton Foundation's gift acceptance policy as a conflict of interests.

According to a Yahoo video, the Clinton Cash book makes claims that foreign donors were able to curry favors from the State Department because of said donations, and is prompting investigative reporters to follow-up on the claims. The book places the Clintons in a light far different from the everyday, average American that is portrayed during this campaign.

As reported by the Inquisitr, Hillary could face political opponents like Sarah Palin in 2016, whose recent speech advising folks to "strengthen your back so the man can't ride ya" drew buzz.

Meanwhile on Amazon, the book titled "Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich" is steadily climbing the sales charts even prior to its publication date, which is listed as May 5. The tome currently enjoys an Amazon best sellers rank of No. 481 in books for the hardcover version, and No. 952 for the Kindle version.

The Clintons were in debt and broke upon leaving the White House, claims Peter Schweizer's book, reports the Daily Mail - ‎and the patterns about money and alleged blurred lines between philanthropy and Colombian free trade agreements that scratched the back of a giver with industrial ties to the area are cited. Just how much the new Clinton Cash book will make folks care about where and how the Clintons obtained their money -- and whether or not it will derail Hillary's presidential aspirations -- remains to be seen.

Revelations about the Clinton Foundation's foreign income sources comes at an appropriate time when Americans are especially tuned into global dealings around the world -- trying to separate the sources of terrorist groups' fundings from those that are innocuous. Clinton Cash is being called a meticulously researched work that stands as 256 pages of investigative findings of the foreign donor connections and any quid-pro-quo dealings of Bill and Hillary.

Major news outlets such as the Washington Post and Fox News have contracts with the author to pursue the findings uncovered. Excerpts from the book have yet to appear on Amazon.

[Image via Clinton Cash]