Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Doomed? DJ Reportedly Allergic To Cats As Singer Embarks On Her World Tour

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris may seem like a match made in heaven. The media already shared their reasons as to why the “Blank Space” singer should date the “Summer” DJ. According to a new source, it looks like Taylor and Calvin were doomed from the start. A new Canadian MSN report found that Calvin is reportedly allergic to Taylor’s cats.

MSN News isn’t usually the kind of site Harris’ fans flock to when it comes to updates and rumors about the music producer. An alleged source told the news site that Harris has been having trouble visiting Swift because of her adorable cats, Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson.

“When he stayed over at Taylor’s LA house last week, Calvin says he was up all night blowing his nose and complaining he couldn’t breathe. Apparently he’s allergic to the long fluffy hair on Taylor’s cats and they usually sleep in the bed so it’s everywhere.”

“He left really early the next morning – I think it’s caused a bit of tension because now Calvin wants to meet up in hotel rooms or at his place in LA, but not at Taylor’s house.”

Some of Swift and Harris’ fans are hoping that the DJ doesn’t screw up his relationship. They want him to stay together, even if he is allergic to cats. Some Swift and Harris fans mentioned that he should just pop some allergy medication every time he visits the singer.

Fans are even speculating on whether or not this report is true. Calvin’s fans noticed that he’s been leaving Taylor’s NYC apartment in the early hours of the morning, so that must mean his allergies aren’t that bad. A previous report on the Inquisitr talked about Calvin and Taylor’s active sex life, so it sounds like the couple is happy in some areas of their life. The singer-songwriter even has some fantasies about him that she may write about on her next album. Taylor isn’t shy when it comes to hinting about sex in her songs, so Calvin may have to watch out.

“She even has crazy sex fantasies about him when they’re apart. Things are only getting hotter, too, so she can’t wait to see what’s next.”

Swift will also have something else to worry about. The Hollywood Life reported that the singer is afraid to leave Harris as she embarks on her “1989” world tour. Swift loves the time they’re spending together, so she’s worried that they’ll drift apart. Not only is she sad about leaving Harris, but she hates the idea of leaving her mom as well.

“Taylor fears that the romance will dwindle when she’s on tour, especially since she and Calvin won’t be around each other as much. She’s not even that excited to start the tour because she will be away from Calvin for so long.”

“On top of all this, Taylor is also dealing with her mom’s sickness. The whole tour is becoming a burden.”

The Inquisitr also previously reported that Swift is stressing out over the news that her 1989 album is dropping off the charts. Some of Harris and Swift’s fans hope that they will make their relationship work during her tour. What are your thoughts on Calvin Harris being allergic to Taylor Swift’s cats? Do you think they can make that aspect of their relationship work as well?

[Image: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for iHeartMedia, Ian Gavan/Getty Images]