Bravo Filming: Was Kim Richards Lying About Sobriety? Inner Circle Thinks ‘She Lied’ [Report]

Bravo filming on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been pulled into question in regard to Kim Richards’ alleged sobriety. Throughout the show, Richards insisted she was completely sober and dedicated to her recovery, but now, a source claims those around her were never convinced she was 100 percent clean.

According to an April 20 report by Radar Online, Richards’ inner circle isn’t convinced she’s been sober since her 2011 stint in rehab.

“A lot of people think that she lied. She swore up and down that she was sober and blamed medications for her erratic behavior.”

While prescribed medication is sometimes unavoidable, even for addicts, there are always healthier choices, and ones which patients will not end up dependent on. In addition, it is never okay to take someone else’s prescribed medication.

As Richards admitted during Bravo filming on season five, she voluntarily chose to take one of her ex-husband’s pain killers, which any addict knows is a bad idea. Although Richards came clean about the issue during Bravo filming, she never acknowledged the fact that the idea of taking someone’s pain killers was a major issue. Instead, she claimed it was nothing more than a bad decision on her part, which did not affect her sobriety.

It was this very thinking that led to concern from many of her co-stars, namely Lisa Rinna, who has dealt with addiction in her family.

“Although she is going to say it was an isolated incident that occurred because of the stress of her dying ex-husband and daughter’s upcoming wedding, no one is going to buy her bull**it anymore.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Richards daughter, Brooke Brinson, will reportedly walk down the aisle a second time out of the country. Brinson’s first wedding, which occurred around the time Bravo filming began on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season five, didn’t air on the show, and her second wedding isn’t expected to be seen either. That isn’t to say, however, that the nuptials won’t be discussed during upcoming Bravo filming. In fact, they already have.

During Bravo filming on the season five reunion special, Kim and Kyle Richards were seen at odds over Kyle’s invite to the wedding. While discussing the nuptials, Kyle hinted that she wouldn’t be surprised if she was left out of the wedding, because of her ongoing feud with Kim.

At the end of last week, after Bravo filming wrapped, Brooke Brinson’s second wedding was announced by Radar Online.

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