Chris Soules Gets Real On Twitter: ‘Bachelor’ Shows His Country Side

The Bachelor star Chris Soules is currently competing on Dancing with the Stars and he has the full support of his future wife, Whitney Bischoff. But it sounds like being in Hollywood isn’t necessarily something that has changed Soules. While some people believe that he adores the spotlight, and wants to keep his 15 minutes of fame going, it sounds like Chris wants nothing more than to go home to Arlington and his farming life.

Chris Soules went on The Bachelor to see if he could find love with a woman who would be willing to stay in Iowa with him. As fans learned while watching the show, Chris Soules’ hometown didn’t have much to offer, and some of the ladies admitted that they couldn’t stay in Iowa with him. But Whitney was ready to move there with him immediately.

According to a new tweet, The Bachelor star Chris Soules is now revealing that Hollywood has not changed him at all. In fact, Chris remains a country boy and he is dreaming of his fields during his dancing breaks. It sounds like Soules will be returning home as soon as possible when his stint on Dancing with the Stars is over.

And this may not come as a surprise as he lives on a farm and has made a career as a true country boy. Soules is often posting pictures from his farm back home in Iowa, and it is clear that he misses his home.

“Missed Academy of Country Music Awards for rehearsal but congrats to Jason Aldean & Dierks Bentley! Your albums were on repeat during my journey as the Bachelor,” Chris Soules revealed this weekend on Twitter, sharing that country music was a big part of his journey when he was searching for love.

Even though the process may have worked for him, it sounds like Soules doesn’t want to watch the newest season of the show.

“I never watched before. I don’t know if I plan to going forward. I’m trying to be me again,” Chris Soules has revealed about not watching the upcoming season of The Bachelorette.

It may be odd for him to watch his ex-girlfriend find love, as he was close to picking Kaitlyn Bristowe. Soules was clearly heartbroken that he couldn’t keep all of the ladies. Plus, the fact that Chris doesn’t plan on watching the upcoming season hints that all he really wanted was a wife, and not the fame. According to the Inquisitr, Whitney and Chris have supposedly been thinking about wedding planning, which is something that could happen once he is done on Dancing with the Stars.

Are you surprised that Chris Soules is missing his farm?

[Image via ABC]