WWE News: WWE Diva Eva Marie To Get WWE Diva’s Title Shot At ‘SummerSlam’?

For the longest time, WWE Diva Eva Marie has been on our television screens. Whether she was working on WWE Total Divas or she made her way to normal WWE programming, it just seemed like everything was missing. The one thing Marie has is looks, which cannot be disputed. She has the one thing that makes her a WWE favorite in management. However, without promo ability and good in-ring work, she’ll end up like Rosa Mendes in the eyes of WWE fans. No one wants to be Rosa Mendes.

To give credit to Eva, since she has been back from her injury she has not really appeared on anything besides WWE Total Divas. On top of this, she has gotten help with her in-ring work. It is uncertain how well her promos will come across sadly. Marie recently spoke about this among other things in an interview with The Miami Herald.

When asked about going for the WWE Diva’s Title heading into WWE SummerSlam, she answered.

“I got my developmental deal first, and I got ‘Total Divas.’ Everything from there it just went, boom! I was living my life on reality TV. I had to perform for WWE, as well as show that to the whole world. For season four of ‘Total Divas,’ you are going to see my in-ring work. I’m going for that title heading into SummerSlam. Go big or go home.”

Eva photoshoot

She also addressed her ring work.

“If you follow me on social media you are going to see the clips of me training and progressing. Then you will see me back in the ring, hopefully in a few weeks. Triple H has definitely been helping me out, and I appreciate that. I bounce ideas off of him. Brian Kendrick is amazing. I’m asking him a bunch of different questions. Then when I get in the ring with him, I’ll improve my skills right there.”

To her credit, she has improved in the ring while working with Kendrick. While she has not shown enough to be worthy of a WWE Diva’s Title shot, she has done enough to potentially have a match or two on WWE SmackDown or RAW.

However, word has it that WWE does want to push Eva Marie when she comes back to television mainly due to the Total Divas affiliation. This does make sense as she is getting popular off of WWE Total Divas. Plus she has appeared in Maxim, which puts her in the limelight outside of WWE. WWE needs to capitalize on this kind of thing. On top of this, she hasn’t really done anything in the Diva Division.

If she came in and made her mark, chances are she could work her way up to get a shot come SummerSlam.

She claims we’ll see her on TV in a few weeks. Can she improve enough to be worthy of a Diva’s Title reign over other great WWE Divas? Probably not. However, if she shows improvement a lot of fans will give her props for that. However, she will need to have improved A LOT. WWE fans can spot a bad worker, and if she is anything like the old Eva Marie, fans will not be in her corner.

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