Is Google Webmaster Tools The Antidote to Mobilegeddon?

Google Webmaster Tools may very well be the key to handling Google’s newest change to their algorithm. As reported previously on the Inquistr, Google is constantly changing their algorithm, and they recently announced that they will now be counting mobile-friendly website design as a part of their search engine algorithm, and this duly named “mobilegeddon” movement is beginning tomorrow, April 21.

Many SEO specialists put all of their time and efforts into understanding Google Analytics, which is extremely helpful, but not the only tool available. Using only Google Analytics is like relying only on a hammer and forgoing the use of a leveling tool when hanging a series of pictures perfectly straight.

According to this blog post from Search Engine Land, “This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results.”

The major change will be making huge waves for websites, and those who are unprepared will suffer the penalties. Many will already have their websites ready to go by the deadline, but for those who still need a little work, consider using these tips.

Specify Your Location

Standard practice for small businesses is implementing local SEO to drive as many conversions as possible. Google specifically appreciates this move, since it helps them to give their clients what they want from the search results.

Google Webmaster Tools makes this easy with the Hreflang and Country Tags. These tags specify the language and country for your website so that it meets the needs of your specific customer base. This allows Google to keep its customers happy on both mobile and desktop.

Run Google’s Mobile Usability Test

Google is seeking for more mobile friendly websites to help their clients, but his move also helps your company. This article from Mabbly points out, “Being mobile-friendly is a mission critical to growing your bottom line.”

But before your website can get to that point, you’ll need to make some changes. There will be several things web designers will need to do to improve their website for mobile compatibility. Even if they have taken the time to fix several errors, there may be some remaining.

Google Webmaster Tools offers a simple test you can run to help fill in the gaps, known as the Mobile Usability Report. Though the test will not catch every problem, it is the best tool available to assess a website’s mobile performance.

Listen to Google

Though there are several websites you can pay to use, such as MOZ, you can bypass these tools simply by paying attention to what Google wants from you. Google’s instructions are generally pretty explicit when it comes to helping you understand what you need to do to improve a website.

It’s in their best interest to help your website perform, so Google offers several free tools and guidelines to help you get there. Using devices like Google’s Webmaster Tools, your website can quickly find its way to a more mobile-friendly apparatus.

[Image via Search Engine Journal]