NeNe Leakes Speaks Out On ‘RHOA’ Cast And Exec: ‘It Took All Of Them To Try And Bring Me Down’

NeNe Leakes spoke out Sunday after the airing of the season finale of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. The RHOA star says the cast, nor the executive producer, could take her down, even though they all tried.

NeNe took a lot of heat this season on RHOA, even though the reality TV star was off doing her own thing most of the time instead of interacting with the other Housewives. Even though she was extremely busy with her other ventures, do not think NeNe did not notice her cast mates always blaming her for the dysfunctional dynamic of the group. As far as Leakes is concerned, the other cast members were trying to take her down.

NeNe Leakes took to her private blog Sunday after the season finale of the Real Housewives of Atlanta to sum up her thoughts on how the cast and crew treated her this season.

“I was always being attacked, at work, on social media, in the press, the weekly’s and every Monday morning on one particular syndicated morning radio show. I was being called everything! A bad friend, evil, disgusting, Cancer, a bad wig, bad skin, bipolar, noodles, a slave owner and so much more but yet I was the mean one.”

While it seems as if the RHOA star is only referring to her cast mates trying to make her out to be the bad guy, apparently she thinks it was more than just her co-stars. NeNe says even the executive producer of the show was in on trying to get rid of her.

“It took all of them, our executive producer and a B character that never was and never will be a housewife to try an bring me down, because they could never do it one on one. The constant blaming, lying, pointing fingers and twisting the stories in hopes that the fans would side with them. They wanted it to be the end of Nene! They wanted me to break!”

During the season finale of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, fans saw NeNe make her Broadway debut where she received a standing ovation after her first performance. Her success on the stage and in her other business ventures is one thing Leakes says her co-stars can never take away from her, however, as she has worked too hard to get where is to let anyone’s attacks stand in her way.

“Everything I have today is because I worked my a** off for it! I earned it! I will NOT break so quench yo thirst because I AM STILL STANDING STRONG! THE ALWAYS FABULOUS NENE LEAKES!”

Although reading the reality TV star’s blog post would almost make one think she will not be returning for an eighth season of the show, as the Inquisitr previously reported, it seems as though she will return next season as Bravo allegedly made NeNe Leakes an offer she couldn’t refuse to stay on as the self-proclaimed RHOA Queen.

[Image by Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images]