Inside Princess Diana’s Will

It’s been seventeen years since Princess Diana was killed in a car accident. Now, we’re learning the contents of her will at the time.

According to E!, Princess Diana’s will is now available to read via the Tribunal Service, HM Courts and storage facility Iron Mountain due to everything being digitized. This means everything is up for public consumption.

So what are the contents inside Princess Diana’s will? According to the documents at the time of her death, Princess Diana, 36, wanted her estate, which back then was valued at $40 million, to be given to her children Prince William and Prince Harry. It was written that they receive this money on their 30th birthdays which means by now they both have access to her estate. Last September Prince Harry turned 30, and received his inheritance.

In addition to the estate, her youngest son, Prince Harry was given her wedding dress and Prince William was given Princess Diana‘s engagement ring. According to the documents her engagement ring was an 18-carat sapphire with diamonds, which is the same ring that Kate Middleton received upon her engagement to Prince William.

Aside from leaving her money to her sons, Princess Diana also left various belongings to her 17 godchildren. Her close friend Paul Burrell, who was her butler, received $95,000 too.

According to Robert Jobson, who’s the author of The New Royal Family, spoke to TODAY about her intentions when she made up her will.

“She wanted to make sure [her children] were showered with love. That’s something she really agonized over when she split from Prince Charles. I think this will reflects that.”

In addition to Princess Diana’s will, other notable famous wills that are available include, Winston Churchill, George Orwell, and Winnie the Pooh author A.A. Milne.

Recently Prince William and Prince Harry both remembered their mother in an emotional video.

In a video put together by Us Weekly, Harry said, “William and I can separate life into two parts. There were those years where we were blessed with the physical presence beside us of both our mother and father [Prince Charles]. And then there are the 10 years since our mother’s death.”

Back in 2014, Prince William spoke about how his mother’s death shaped him. “Never being able to say the word ‘mummy’ again in your life sounds like a small thing. However for many, including me, it is now really just a word. Hollow and evoking only memories,” he said at the time. “I too have felt, and still feel, the emptiness.”

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